War – what is it good for?

Edwin Starr – what a hero. And what a great song. If I had possessed the necessary competence and technophilic know-how I’d plop a song snippet on this blog, so we could all listen to the “Huh! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!” bit. Ho hum… Instead you can all imagine it. Hizbollah and Israel. What the bloody hell is that all about? Hey? What’s going on there, then? I’m mystified and it increasingly makes me believe that it’s all down to the misogynistic and bigoted views of a minority of right-wing bastards whose only way forward is to step on the scrotum (or tits) of those that happen to be a little bit different i.e. the oppressed. We can all say that they’re to blame, or that lot should know better. Bollocks.


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