Christic Age

Christic rather than Christian. Today I hit the magic (and slightly supernatural) age of 33, which I hear is the age at which Jesus Christ died. I suppose that means it’s important. Well, in the bounds of Christendom it’s a momentous point in one’s life. How do I feel? Fine. I was greeted in the morning with a momentous massage and then received some truly fine presents – perfumes, books and a momentous collection of Johnny Cash CDs. Superb. I’m sure it’s gonna be a great year. In three days’ time I tie the knot of connection and two become one (as the Spice Girls sang). Here goes nothing…


2 thoughts on “Christic Age

  1. Happy birthday and best of luck with your marriage to be! Probably you won’t have time for blog writing or any philosophical thoughts now as they say that family life is so time-consuming. As you’re John Cash fan check the movie “walking the line” with Phoenix in case you haven’t seen it yet:) He had to take singing lessons to kick low notes, but I still think he shouldn’t launch singing career:)

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