Masculinity or what?

I’ve just had a manicure and a pedicure. Camp-tastic or what? Well actually, I’m getting married on Saturday, so I thought that it might be a good time to see to those funny things at the end of my legs and deal with those thick bananas hanging off my arms. And? I suppose it was OK, although I have to admit the best bit was the foot massages and hand massage. Mmm… lovely. If only that was what life was about… Foot massages are probably the best thing in the world. No exaggeration. If I had enough cash, I’d have massages every single week. They’re really very healthy allegedly, sort out muscle problems, neurological problems and even dietary problems. By the way, if anyone out there wishes to comment on these senseless ramblings then please let me know who you are, what you do. It’s good to share (as the Coke advert goes)…


2 thoughts on “Masculinity or what?

  1. We can always share manicure or massage tips if you like:). But seriously, I’m your ex-student and I found your blog looking for your Biska lessons that my sister really enjoys. I just felt tempted to write a comment or two. Hope you have a good weather on your honeymoon as in Warsaw it’s really lousy and depressing:(

  2. Still on honeymoon? I thought I would limit myself to three entries max but writing becomes quite addictive. I’m thinking about starting my own blog, describing ups and downs of recruitment process I ‘m about to start. One could almost write a book on recruitment, including all stories, weird offers and funny situations. e.g. During a job interview the applicant says: I work for BIG Bank. The interviewer: Really? How big is your bank? Big pozdrosy:)

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