The Animals

The Jackdaw and the Squirrel. I could see them from afar as I was jogging in the local park. I tried to be as quiet as possible, but no sooner had I got within smelling distance than the red squirrel had scuttled away up the tree and the giant (ancient) jackdaw had turned its back on me in arrogant fashion. But in a split second, in a blinking of the eye, I had one of those moments – one of those instances when time slows downs and appears to stop and you’re able to focus your whole mind on the world around you and what you see in front of you. The giant, greying Jackdaw seemed to be looking directly towards the Red Squirrel as if he were trying to communicate something to it. The Squirrel was on all fours, head turned to face the Jackdaw intently listening and feelingthe Jackdaw’s thoughts. I broke the moment with my lumbering bulk, but in that millisecond-moment I think I saw something very, very special…


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