I bloody hate Saturdays because more often than not I waste the whole day staring at this bloody computer screen doing absolutely bugger all. Part of the reason is PMT (Pre Match Tension) which I always get before any Derby game. If we lose (like today – we’re currently 4-2 down to minnows Colchester) I have a bag on during the whole day. Arse. The plan today was to do as much Biska planning or PNB translation as possible. I started doing some PNB work and got absolutely nowhere very, very slowly. Then I switched to doing Biska. I thought in the morning that maybe I could get as many as five done – prepare for the whole week – but I did bugger all. It’s now 6 (in the evening) and I’ve not even finished doing one text. Bugger. I really loathe ill discipline. Especially my own!


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