[Drum roll]


Yes, it is the first of September today and I have absolutely nothing at all to write about. I should really go and make myself some breakie coz I’m starving, but I want to ‘scribble’ something down first, and regurgitate on the screen (as I always do with this blog). That’s what they’re all about, aren’t they?

Anyway, time for my thought of the day. It’s funny how we all, everyone of us, has a variety of names (and therefore personas). I mean, I am officially ‘Rafal’ yet in Poland I am ‘Rafał’, all my friends call me ‘Raf’, some call me ‘Uzii;, others still call me ‘Rafcio’, ‘Raffy’. I have been known to some as ‘The Rafster’, ‘Muchacho’, ‘Darling’, ‘Dzióbek’. The list could go on for a lot longer. Yes, you’re given a name at birth, but we also do so much to mould these names or take on the names that others give us. Wierd that.

Time for me to get dressed and feed…


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