It’s been a lot time since I sat down and did the blog. You don’t really realise it’s a bit of a duty until you have a look at the site and realise that a month’s gone by and you’ve done bugger all. I suppose that can be said about life, really. A week/month/year goes by and nothing really changes. The more things change, the more they stay the same – ain’t that the truth! At the moment, I’m in the anti-zone which is the exact opposite of being in the zone which means I can’t be arsed to do anything and nothing’s really going according to plan. Actually, now that I’ve given it a name – the anti-zone – I’m quite proud of being in it. I’m attempting to do a legal translation at the moment and due to me being in the now-famed anti-zone I’m finding every sentence as laborious as breaking rocks in a prison yard. It’s amazing how un-pliable language can be when it wants to be. Bugger.

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