Justin Trouser-snake

Much to my utter surprise, I have to say that the latest album – Futuresex/Lovesounds – by Justin Timberlake is a pleasant surprise. Modern electro backdrops with sprinkings of twangy bass and the odd funky beat. His voice work well with all the necessary production there where it should be. I usually abhor any sort of production but in today’s modern music industry the more production, the better. A real bugger. Music should be raw with as little production as possible. Anyway, back to the Trouser-snake… gotta say that a particularly good toon is What goes around… Comes Around. Yes, it does have a cacky artificial beat, but the song smells of decent composition and the mark of someone who knows what they’re doing. Good singing, as well.


2 thoughts on “Justin Trouser-snake

  1. Oh yeah, that’s a surprise. His “Cry me a river” is the only song I can listen to without shivering. But maybe this album is worth a try. I’ve got new Reamon album “Wish”-all tracks are just fantastic.

  2. It IS quite surprising! “Cry me a river” was a semi-decent song. However, I have to say that your tastes maybe scraping the bottom of the barrel by listening to Reamon. Where’s all the decent music gone? Where are all the Stevie Wonders of this world. It’s all turned into a crap-pop music machine.

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