I keep asking the same question over and over again: where’s all the decent music gone? Where are all the great musicians of the past? I vomitted on about Justin Trouser-snake the other day, but if the truth be known, there are no truly fantastic musicians about any more. Just switch on the radio and what do you get? You hear sloppy, sludgy pop with no balls, no new sound, no vitality or real energy. It’s all pre-processed artificial gunk. I mean, I do like pop, but I wish more people would risk listening to something else and more importantly I wish the media and radio stations would be more risky and risqué and try and get us listeners listening to something more challenging than Paris Hilton and Kylie Minogue (as beautiful as they both are). Moan, moan, moan…


2 thoughts on “Where?

  1. Paris Hilton is _not_ beautiful. She has an odd nose, her mouth is a permanent smug pout, and her eyes are dead. Kylie was, is and always will be a goddess, though. As for pop music, it still retains its greatness, but in unexpected places, and not necessarily in English. If anyone cares, I can provide a list. 😉

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