Battle for Warsaw


glowki_male_gronkiewicz-waltz.jpgIt’s hard to imagine what will happen in the political battle for Poland’s capital city. Here we have Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, well-known Civic Platform (PO) activist pitting her wits against former PM and Law and Justice (PiS) charmer Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz. In the first round of voting, Marcinkiewicz came out top managing almost 39% of the vote with Gronkiewicz-Waltz coming in a close second at 35%, although initial polls gave Marcinkiewicz less.

The newest polls are saying that Gronkiewicz-Waltz should win the second round and become the new Mayor of Warsaw, but it seems the tide is turning and favour is swinging slowly but surely in the direction of Mr Marcinkiewicz. If we take into account the discrepancies between polls and actual election results then it wouldn’t be outrageous to assume that Marcinkiewicz will come out top. It’s an odd battle. Personality-wise most would agree that Hania has nothing on the media-loving, mild-mannered Kazik who loves a smile and joke. However, most also agree that Hania has very concrete political values and has an astute financial mind. Kazik, on the other hand, is seen as the puppet of PiS, just another way for Law and Justice to grab even more power.

Personality vs. Policy. It should be an interesting fight…


2 thoughts on “Battle for Warsaw

  1. Seems to me that HGW won by simple virtue of not being the PiS candidate. Also, the media are claiming that the endorsements of Kwasniewski and (more grudgingly/ambiguously) Borowski helped tip the balance. Now what for Kazik? A takeover bid to replace Jarek Duck in a year or two? Does he have the inner steel to try it on and make PiS more appealing to the educated, urban voter? With the polarising figure of Jan Łłłłokita at the head of PO, as seems likely to be the case, a Kazik-led PiS might stand a better electoral chance… Discuss. 🙂

  2. The battle for Warsaw was very close and I think we can’t talk about a PO victory. If there are so many anti-PiS votes, the margin would have been greater. It wasn’t. PiS still has HUGE backing in Poland and I can’t see this changing unless PO and perhaps Lewica-Democraci start forging a clear road ahead and manifestoes. As for Kazik, he’ll get a job in parliament or become head of a large state-owned company. He’s gentleman and a very loyal one and won’t challenge for the leadership. Rokita is a maverick and so has no chance in becoming PO leader.

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