It’s a Funny Old Life…

Life’s a weird old thing, isn’t it? I mean nigh on two weeks ago I was in hospital thrashing about on a bed in pain thinking I was going insane, vomming up coz I was in so much agony. No need to go into details, but I wasn’t a happy chappy. SophieAnyway, little more than a week later (this weekend just gone) I was wining and dining, hobnobbing with the stars at the European Film Academy Awards Gala. I looked resplendent in my dinner jacket and bow-tie and, if I do say so myself, I could’ve been one of the major league hobnobbers. I was given my invite and took my seat amongst the star-hungry herds and watched their rabid faces looked for little twinkles, wishing to catch a glimpse of one of their Hollywood heroes, waiting for the scraps. I noticed that the tables were arranged in sections from A to E. I was seated in section C, so not an A-class star, but not quite as bad as an D or an E. Like I cared. Although I did see jealous glances from the Ds and proud looking Bs as they looked on at our table from a perceived higher ground. Very amusing, I thought.

PenelopeRomanThe stars are, of course, there for a reason. Some are intelligent (producers, sound men or directors), most of the others – the actresses, in particular – are there for their amazing looks and the ability to flash a smile that would make grown men weep. But I have an inkling that all that is really needed in this most difficult and vain of professions is a beautiful smile, powerful eyes and an uncanny ability to remember lines of text.

MicAfter the Gala and all the hobnobbing, I had to go back to the Warsaw Expo Centre the next day at the crack of dawn and get to work on the job I had been employed to do. I waited around for a fair bit for the organisers to put the finishing touches to the script and then I got to work on doing the English language voice-over for the Polish, French and Spanish bits that were said during the Awards Gala. I actually ended up interpreting the majority of the text because I didn’t like the translations that I had in front of me so it was a combination of simultaneous interpreting and voice-over/script-reading. Anyway, I really enjoyed it and it was a pleasure working with such professionals. I have to say that sound guys are nearly always lovely people. I wonder why that is…?


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