Ego Surfing

Ego surfing I think it’s called when you look for yourself on the web. Obviously, I’ve done it. I’ve done it lots and lots of times. The term brilliantly sums up the process of using the internet to pander to our egos.

Anyway, in an effort to break with my usual preoccupation of looking for myself on the internet – I mean I know what I’m going to find – I decided to search for the most bizarre links I could find using my own name as a reference point. My search didn’t go unrewarded.

I found that my name (or rather my surname) was shared by a host of wierdos, oddballs and freaks. Well, at least in my warped way of thinking. I tried to put myself in these situations and that’s when it started to get wierd. Uzar is many things on the internet – I’m Turkish, I’m an evil aquatic being, a body builder, a jailbird, you name it.

Once I trawled through the usual crap including my academic publications, radio work and other bits and bobs, I decided to filter out the serious stuff and focus on the wierd. As I mentioned, I share a surname with famous body builder Mike Uzar – I sincerely hope he’s family (!); I was sent to a page called – get this – “Find a Grave” – thoughts of DIY grave-digging sprung to mind; I found a news article about good old Charlie Uzar, one of the oldest inmates around – 96 years old and still in prison. Last but most certainly not least was the infamous (no, I’ve never heard of it before) film entitled Uzar’s Revenge which I simply must get hold of. It sounds like an absolute gas. My namesake is an evil alien aquatic scientist. If anyone out there is able to get hold of this, let me know.

And the point of all of this? Life’s a lot more amusing then we might think.


6 thoughts on “Ego Surfing

  1. Weird:)

    The nearest thing I could find to wierd was:
    Which is quite interesting in that Wyrd appears to be an ancestor of Weird. So, maybe: you’re “behind your time”, come from a parallel universe in which the word “Wyrd” developed a different way, you freakishly had the same typo three times in quick succession, or it’s a spelling mistake.

    It’s a shame that Uzar’s Revenge is a TV movie, as you’d probably need to get a friend in the US to record it for you. I particularly enjoyed the tag line:
    We’re havin’ fish tonight!

    Very good!


  2. Heh heh! Many thanks, Andy.
    I must say that of all the words I have problems with, this is the worst. I always seem to get the spelling of “weird” wrong. Yes, it was a spelling mistake. There is method behind my madness, however.
    As a budding young etymologist, I would spend hours poring over books, words and their meanings. I came across “weird” and “wierd” and I’ve always found “wierd” (wyrd) conjures up thoughts of mystical strangeness and this form kinda stuck…
    I particularly like the idea of wierd/wyrd being “…a consequence of a ritualistic drinking of alcohol to excess in which story-telling… was a central feature.”

    As for the Uzar tagline, I’m considering using this as my life motto:
    “We’re havin’ fish tonight!”

  3. Fish on Friday! Polish Tradition.

    Wyrd had a meaning of magic in Aulde English, as I recall from my earlier years of study. Now wierd is just relegated to myself and my students on RPG meetings.

    You know what’s weird is that I once met a Raf at a farewell party years ago in Poland for Lindsay, an acquaintance of mine from Scotland. I wonder if that would be you?

    Nice blog, BTW. I gotta get me one of them….

  4. Mr Whipple! Yes, yes, yes, it is I, Raf. Funny how things come around, isn’t it? Nice of you to come and visit me here. How’s life?
    Keep reading and keeping commenting. It’ll be nice to read what you think.
    As far as “wyrd” is concerned, I don’t know if I’d go as far to say “magic” but there is a magical element there.

  5. Charles Uzar, the jail bird, is my uncle….my father’s father. He is a great guy…wish you knew him. He’s 100 now :)If you find that movie I’d like to get a copy myself.

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