Attention to Detail

Bumble BeeI’ve never actually explained the real point of this blog, so I think it’s about time. After reaching over 5,700 hits (which comes as a massive surprise to me – why on earth would anyone want to read what I have to say?) I’ve decided to key a few words about what function this weblog is supposed to serve (if any function at all).

Weeeeell, methinks the best illustration for what I’m all about is the title and picture that lead the blog: “into the unknown”. Life’s all about discovering, learning and being surprised. I suppose, in a horribly sweet and clichéd way, it’s the childish wonder that we all have in our eyes when we see, learn or hear of something new; it’s all about the curiosity that keeps us ‘alive’.

The picture? I took the blog title photograph a few years ago. I love taking pictures of things that appear to be normal but actually are not quite right or have something ‘extra’ about them. The photo is of a sunflower but if you look carefully there’s a bumble bee buzzing its funky stuff in the top left-hand corner. Life, for me, is also about attention to detail. Many of us spend so much time looking up at the sky and dreaming, planning for the future, looking beyond today that we don’t see what’s under our feet, and we forget about the hear and now, the little cracks in the pavement, the £20 note we’ve just missed or the dog shit we’ve just failed to avoid. 

Attention to detail keeps us fresh and it keeps our senses alive. I often use a little trick that keeps my senses buzzing like nobody’s business. I’ll wake up in the morning and pick a colour (or a type of smell) and my mission is to find that colour (or search out that smell) wherever I can. It’s amazing how powerful the mind is and what you can find.

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