Foot in Mouth Disease

I have a theory that the level of a country’s cultural development and civilisation can be gauged by the standard of its public toilets. Obviously, everything is relative but take a look at service station bogs in Sweden, Holland or Germany and take a look at the holes in the ground you find in Northern Africa, for example. Everything else comes somewhere in the middle and in this way we can establish where a county can be found on the cultural continuum.
Well, I think it’s a good theory…

My other theory is that you can gauge the state of a country’s political culture/development/class by the amount of absurdity contained in the country’s legislation or by the amount of surreal decisions announced by its politicians. Which brings me to Ewa Sowińska, Poland’s controversial Children’s Rights Ombudsman.

Sowińska recently made the news by writing a letter to the Pope claiming that the forces of darkness (in the guise of certain independent media) were closing in on Poland and Poland’s church hierarchs and were attempting to bring down Holy Mother Church through defamation, criticism and a consolidated attack on Archbishop Wielgus who was set to become Archbishop of Warsaw but had to step down after it was found that he had collaborated with the communist Secret Police (see previous blog entry). When asked why on earth the Children’s Rights Ombudsman was writing an official letter to the Pope on government headed paper she replied that the good Archbishop spent many hours teaching children and this was, therefore, a matter for the Ombudsman. Hmm…

TeletubbiesAnyway, this time Sowińska – of the far-right League of Polish Families – has excelled even herself. She has expressed concerns about the sexuality of Tinky Winky of the Teletubbies who, she believes, is quite obviously gay. She came to this conclusion upon noticing that dear old Tinky has a penchant for carrying handbags. Sowińska is so intent on pursuing her anti-gay crusade that she is currently in consultation with psychologists about this matter. If convicted, charged and found to be gay, Tinky Winky will be banned from Polish TV as this is a blatant case of the promotion of a gay lifestyle which is abhorrent to all God-fearing League of Polish Family members.

I wonder if she’s ever seen Little Britain…


14 thoughts on “Foot in Mouth Disease

  1. I thought Sowinska was in PiS, which would have made the matter scarier – the Liga Przyjaciól Rydzyka, after all, are merely strutting and fretting before the next elections, when they’ll be returned to the obscurity they deserve. But PiS, in some form or another, will remain a serious presence for some time to come, and their pronouncements therefore deserve more attention. (And Sowinska was just copying the late, unlamented Jerry Falwell’s gay-Teletubby meme anyway.)

    I was hoping you’d pick up on Jarek Kaczor only trusting his mother with his money,… or these peculiar media attempts to put forward that poor pani poslanka as his ‘intended’… 🙂

  2. Jimbo: Yes, I actually think I read somewhere that she actually got the info from an article she read by Jerry Falwell…
    As for President Kaczor not using banks… why comment?
    As for PM Kaczor and his supposed ‘lady’, you know it’s a load of cobblers because of the real reason why he doesn’t have a woman.

  3. …I recently made my television debut much to my own surprise… so i am asking you WHERE????????????????????

  4. I wish someone somewhere on the polski blogosfera would openly SAY what everyone suspects about the PM and his, er, proclivities. Someone who’d stand up and be counted, to bring the whole thing into a court, so that he and his snotty band of hypocrites would be shown up for what they are…

    By the way, apart from your good self, is there any other reasonable blog on current Polish affairs which is worth reading? Something reasonably scurrilous while relatively truthful?

  5. I’m not gonna say it – I’ll be locked away and never allowed to write ever again (if I said that certain members of a certain government have a particular penchant for batting for the other team, being left of foot and what have you).

    What d’ya mean is there another blog? Mine ain’t good enough for ya?!

  6. What you SHOULD be doing Jim is getting all your mini students looking, reading and commenting on my blog so that we could have big ole discussions. 🙂

  7. BTW Rafuzar, these strange new unreasonable political ‘vetting’ requirements have a familiar ring to anyone who follows U.S. Republicans tricks to influence votes by’Caging’, which is easy to say, harder to know. For decades funny regulations and requirements come up which look all well and good, but end up robbing a targeted minority of their right to vote. This looks like a variation. It can throw elections, especially when things are tight.

  8. Old Fart, every state does it’s own thing but vetting is a little more sinister. You see what the governing Law and Justice party are saying are that anyone who collaborated with the former communists government is evil and should not hold a government (or any influential) position. Take a look here:

    The problem is that most people HAD to cooperate with the communist government in order to survive. Drawing a line between communists and non-communists and saying that the first were evil while the second were martyrs is very arbitrary and leads nowhere.

    We’re dealing with a very complicated situation in which EVERYONE is an expert. Ho hum…

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