A sigh/sign of relief


What can I say? There’s been so much hoo-hah around the recent EU summit that I’m all out of intelligent things to say. The whole affair is so tragic I really don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I’m just thankful that an agreement has finally been reached.

It’s enough looking at the British press to see what everyone thinks. The BBC says Deal paves way for EU to move on i.e. there is the idea that the EU was stuck between a rock and a hard place but has now been able to take a step beyond that; The Telegraph headlines with Paris and Berlin to dominate new era maintaining that the Big Two have got exactly what they wanted; the Financial Times takes a look at the ‘reforming’ aspect of the agreement with EU leaders strike deal on ‘reform treaty’. From the non-English press, Die Welt talks of Merkel’s marvellous victory in Merkel gewinnt beim Gipfel-Poker; France’s Libération talks of an agreement finally being reached in Les 27 s’accordent sur un projet de traité simplifié. Last but no least, Poland’s Gazeta Wyborcza also discusses an agreement being reached in Jest porozumienie w sprawie mandatu nowego traktatu UE.

The essence of real compromise is the feeling that everyone is a winner. By backing off and backing down, we are able to come to a common understanding as we saw yesterday at 4:30 in the morning when the 27 heads of the EU member states faced the cameras. Every country was utterly convinced that they had scored a real victory, each leader exuded pride at the ability to stand firm (although each had had to swallow their pride at some stage).

The one positive thing to come out of this summit was the fact that the 27 leaders – despite their completely alien views, ideologies and opinions – were able to sit down and reach a consensus. It’s not important what the consensus concerned, the fact that they were able to agree on something (anything) is reasurring.


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