Who’s in Control?

Who’s in control?

The more we all think about it, the more difficult it is to decide who is actually in control here – President Lech Kaczyński or Father Taduesz Rydzyk, Holy Godfather of the much-maligned, dirt-spreading, anti-semitic Radio Maryja (read previous post for more details).

After besmirching his good lady wife (calling her a witch) and throwing enough mud at the President to see that it not only sticks but forms a nice even coat, Rydzyk has not even bothered to apologise but has gone on the offensive yet again.

To add oil to the flames, several members of the outlandishly extremist League of Polish Families (LPR) wrote a letter to the President telling him to be thankful for all that Rydzyk has done for him and to remember that it was thanks to Rydzyk and Radio Maryja that he became President.

Rydzyk, captain of an army of over-zealous old biddies, then mysteriously announced that his comments about the President and his wife have most obviously “annoyed the devil, much like stepping on his tail”. Hmm… well that’s clear, then.

Kaczyński together with his twin brother mumbled and sniffed their way through several press conferences saying little about the volcanic diatribe made by the Commander of the Mohair Berets. Both Kaczyńskis have been quoted as saying that they will not comment until they are given concrete evidence that the scurrilous Lord Vader Rydzyk recordings are genuine. In other words, say what you like General Rydzyk because we’re not going to do anything anyway.

So where does that leave the President? And what is the true relationship between the Church and the State?

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