The End is Nigh

Self-DefenceIt’s been fun watching Poland’s politicians make complete idiots of themselves. This running saga of PiS attacks Self-Defence, Self-Defence counterattacks, PiS strikes LPR and LPR counter-strikes has become ridiculous.

The so-called coalition has hit an impasse and it’s difficult seeing a way out for either PiS or it’s baby brother LiS. To be honest, this farce has been going on for nigh on one and half years when the cracks first began to appear. For all their ridiculous ideas and policies, PiS is nowhere near as populist and anti-intellectual as they appear to be or as dictatorial as Self-Defence and LPR (LiS). The coalition was therefore always at risk with such a clash of cultures.

The art of politicking must surely rely on the skill politicians have in discussion and negotiation. This fact is most clearly lacking in the entire Polish parliament. Even Civic Platform (PO) was unable to reach an agreement with PiS two years ago and we have to remember that it takes two to tango…

So what will happen now? The invectives will probably continue for another week or two, perhaps longer until PiS decides all is lost and their standing in the polls starts plummeting. The problem (or not) is the fact that PiS’ standing in the polls isn’t dropping whereas LiS’ standing is. What is certain is that earlier elections depend entirely on PiS. Only when PiS is completely convinced that it can gain the maximum possible result will the PM declare the next elections.


2 thoughts on “The End is Nigh

  1. At some point the pretence that Samoobrona and LPR are ‘coalition partners’ will finally rupture, and PiS will have to govern as a minority administration (again). Then, I believe, the question will be one of how long they can hang on until a parliamentary vote finally goes against them and they have to call an election. So I don’t think the situation is quite as exclusively in their hands as you seem to think. 🙂

  2. But will it rupture? When will it explode/implode? I think the point is that PiS will be the one who decides when it ends and not LPR/Self-Defence and in that sense it IS in their hands.

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