Kaczmarek Bites the Dust

KaczmarekLooking at the state of the current Polish government, one would not be mistaken in thinking that PiS is in a state of complete chaos. Janusz Kaczmarek, head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration is no longer the head honcho of the Home Office. Jarek Almighty (also known as Jarosław Kaczyński) has decided to do away with him, tossing him aside like a rag doll.

The Boss
PiS’s insistence to move from knee-jerk decision to scandal and back again and propel the country into an ever-deepening state sense of suspicious mayhem has meant that nobody, not even the most loyal of lackeys, can feel comfortable doing business with Jarek Almighty (also known as the Prime Minister). Those who have felt his wrath include several ministers (who he himself had originally hand-picked and nominated), a slew of undersecretaries and a gaggle of high-ranking officials. Not bad for 24 months of hard politicking. Even poor old Ludwik Dorn, number one confidant and political buddy felt the crack of Jarek’s whip and was soon pushed through the revolving door.

The Leak
The hoo-hah involving Kaczmarek all began with an operation conducted by the infamous Central Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA), one of Jarek’s pet projects. The CBA were embroiled in a ‘delicate’ operation involving several high-placed members of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development including the Minister himself Andrzej Lepper. The CBA’s secret plan was to catch the baddies with their hands in the biscuit tin by getting them all to accept a bribe from… the CBA. The problem was that Lepper and his ‘friends’ were forewarned and nothing ever came of the bribe. Lepper went to the press disgusted with the actions of the CBA and was duly dismissed by Jarek Almighty.

The Mole
Who had informed Lepper? Who had told the ‘gang’ that the CBA were onto them? It became evident to Jarek that there was a mole in his midst, someone who had let Lepper et al know they were about to be arrested, someone who had tipped them all off. Only a select few had known of the whole operation which naturally narrowed down the candidates. After consulting his closest henchmen aides, the two Zbigniews – Wasserman and Ziobro, Jarek decided that Kaczmarek was clearly to blame and was duly dismissed.

The Problem
What is of concern is not the fact that Kaczmarek was disloyal, incompetent, or even guilty of having suspicious connections, although these facts do warrant dismissal, but the fact that PiS has instilled an atmosphere of suspicion, intrigue and paranoia into Polish politics. PiS is the victim of its own ideology. In proclaiming a “moral regeneration” and a clean-up of Polish politics, PiS became its first victim when it decided to share government with the populists of LPR and Self-Defence.

He who dines with the devil must have a long fork…

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