Wise Words of Wałęsa

LechI find it sickening when I hear the invectives and abuse targeted at Lech Wałęsa by members of Poland’s ruling elite crowd. I have always been a great fan of Wałęsa for moving mountains. I may not love all of his policies, but he showed the world that everything is possible. The humble electrician who outshone the throngs of academics and seasoned politicians around him.

Both Jarosław and Lech Kaczyński have been eager to convince the nation of the need for moral cleanliness and good manners. They have also been first to recognise an erosion in the standards of Polish politics. Odd really that it should come while they are in power. Strangely enough it was Jarosław Kaczyński who took part in the disgusting act of the 4th June 1993 when members of his former party Centre Agreement decided to hurl abuse at the then President Lech Wałęsa by demonstrating outside the Belweder Presidential Palace whilst carrying pictures of a red swine soiled with the words “Bolek” – a reference to the ridiculous insinuation that Wałęsa was a communist collaborator. They also burned an effigy of Wałęsa demonstrating their aversion to the President.

Wałęsa Speaks
Many might laugh at the way Wałęsa conducts himself linguistically, but the meaning behind his words is often worthy of analysis and it is obvious that the man was made leader of Solidarity and President of Poland for the other skills he possesses. Wałęsa has an uncanny ability to quickly understand a situation, evaluate it and capture what is actually going on. Wałęsa is gifted with a wisdom most politicians would give their right hand for.

Wise Words
So what has Lech Wałęsa been saying? One of his first acts after the election of the Kaczyński twins was to resign as honorary head of Solidarity wary of the influence the Kacz twins would have on the future of the trade union. Wałęsa was proved right. When asked to comment on the new PM and new President, Wałęsa was quick to warn the nation that voters will regret their choice of party in PiS as all the Kaczyńskis are able to do is destroy, create divisions and cause hurt. Mr Wałęsa hit the nail on the head. Wałęsa recently said that he is concerned that there is no effective opposition in Poland. Low and behold, out of nowhere PiS have overtaken Civic Platform in the polls.

Listening to Lech
These two messages are important. Firstly, the Kaczyńskis have an uncanny ability not to be liked, twin politicians who occupy a mindset quite unlike the world around them. As Wałęsa said, they are great at creating divisions and burning bridges. Secondly, Wałęsa was again right in scolding the opposition for having no policies. Should PiS win the next general election the fault will lie firmly with LiD and PO, and of course all those voters who decide not to vote. The conclusion is to listen more to the wise words of Lech Wałęsa. I recently Skyped dear old Lech. I hope he replies…

2 thoughts on “Wise Words of Wałęsa

  1. Raf, something came to my mind… namely, I would like to know whether you like and respect Poles or not…just be sincere…

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