What they’d listen to…

Music of the OrbsAfter reading an interesting article in the Times about Hitler’s music collection (link is here), it got me a-thinking what the world’s politicians might actually be listening to in their spare time, what secret records do they have stashed away in the attic or secret room and what musical place do they go to when all around them seems without hope or joy.

Power Rockers & Mighty Rollers
For all his pomp and pride I think Nicolas Sarkozy is quite lightweight when it comes to his musical tastes preferring bands like REO Speedwagon and The Eagles rather than the harder tunes of the proper rockers.

Angela Merkel methinks is like a banshee on fire when she gets those records a-playing and much prefers a good head bang with German rockers Muff Potter and Rammstein. Oh yes, Angie’s a good ole patriotic rocker.

Post-Punk Nonsense vs. Glam Rock Loving
Gordon Brown is quite an enigma. And Enigma is probably what he listens to along with lashings of Joy Division and a pinch of Wagner on those depressing rainy days.

Vladimir Putin, on the other, detests anything that so much as mildly smells of depression and loves to dress up, slap on a bit of make-up and dance to Queen, T-Rex and Gary Glitter.

Polish Funkers & Polka Lovers
Polish politicians are a bizarre old bunch. Lech Kaczyński is probably extremely boring in his music tastes but now again is known to pop on a Britney Spears or Avril Lavigne CD. He’s known to sometimes listen to Ultravox.

His brother Jarosław is another kettle of fish and has a passion for Rick Astley, George Michael, Abba, The Pet Shop Boys and Soft Cell. He also has a strong liking methinks for Talk Talk.

My belief is that Donald Tusk is a big lover of Kim Wilde, Sam Brown and Texas. He also has a penchant for Berlin, but tends not to mention this at dinner parties.

My guess is that Stefan Niesiołowski is an ardent fan of Frank Zappa, Mr Bungle and Czesław Niemen (during his ‘weird stage’). However, he has recently fallen in love with the first few Simply Red albums. Hu hum…

Wojciech Olejniczak is most definitely a big follower of Deep Purple, Rainbow and Whitesnake whilst enjoying a spot of Ozzy Osbourne every now and then.

Andrzej Lepper loves his soundtracks and has all the Rocky albums at home, but also enjoys his Foreigner and Bonny Tyler.

Roman Giertych is an odd one and in public tells everyone of his fondness for traditional Polish folk music but his real love is metal. His cellar holds a veritable metal-lovers treasure chest containing Sepulchre, Helloween and a few Judas Priest albums.

And finally, Jan Maria Rokita does not listen to music but enjoys wallowing in the pre-recorded sound of his own dulcet tones.

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