The Choice is yours…

Who?Who will you choose on Sunday? Who will you vote for?

Civic Platform (PO)
Law and Justice (PiS)
Left and Democrats (LiD)
The Polish People’s Party (PSL)

The choice is yours…


2 thoughts on “The Choice is yours…

  1. Well, we’ve now got the situation I remember from Britain in the late 80s-early 90s… One did not vote _for_ a particular party, rather _against_ the incumbent, for no better reason than they had proved themselves insufferable. My chums here complain about this situation, but I merely tell them, ‘So now you’ve got a democracy just like we’ve had in the UK and the USA! What more could you want?’

    This wd be the place to kick off a discussion about the nature of democracy in general and how it will mutate in the future… but not now. I love the European idea of the cisza przedwyborcza, and I wish the same thing happened in Britain. Let’s just sit back, enjoy the autumn… and get a LOT of alcohol in for Sunday evening. Either we’ll be celebrating, or we’ll need the anaesthetic…

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