Exit Poles – Enter New Poles

TuskTo be honest, I am absolutely disgusted, disenchanted and disillusioned with Poland and the fact that Polish people have such a feeble approach to democracy and the freedom to change things themselves. Are Polish people lazy? Do they want someone else to decide for them?

Nothing, it seems, can explain the low turnout in the general elections. 54% is feeble. Once again it shows that Poland is bottom of the European pile for citizen turnout. The argument that 50 years of communism has brain-washed the people is simply invalid. Hungary, Slovakia, Romania arguably had more tough regimes yet turnout is much higher.

Step Forward
Anyway, let’s move on. The latest stats (22nd October, 20:00) paint a grim picture for the former ruling party, Law and Justice:

PO 41%
PiS 32%
LiD 13%
PSL 8%

Finally, we can all breathe easily and sing “Ding Dong the PiS is dead” (listen here). The arrogance and seemingly undemocratic opinions, machinations and direction of the PiS government has gone. The ridiculous idea of creating a ‘new (fourth) republic’ has crumbled away.

Powerful Parliament
Personally, the most important result of these elections is not the fact that PO won, but the fact that there are only four parties in the Polish parliament. Right-wing, extremist LPR and populist Self-Defence have disappeared. Thank God!


6 thoughts on “Exit Poles – Enter New Poles

  1. Most fascinating for me has been the breakdown of the results; the countryside stayed at home, as did the elderly. It wasn’t necessary in the end to steal grandma’s ID.

    I find the turnout figures heartening; the young and the cities voted en masse, the latter over 70%. Poland is starting from a low benchmark, and having a record turnout can only be good.

    The cockups with the electoral commission and the extended electoral silence period, however, are serious. I like the idea of the electoral silence, but something has to be done about it; there is no point in extending it when all the country has reported in apart from two electoral districts in Warsaw, the results of which wd have made no difference to the final results.

    But I’m not cracking out the champagne, even though I’m glad to see the back of one Kaczor. The other is still around, and if he is as vile and petty as his brother, he’ll enjoy screwing around with the parliament’s decisions. And Platforma is the country’s last best hope at the moment – if they screw up, then there will be no-one for the country to turn to. And that’s the kind of situation which breeds the worst kind of extremism…

  2. The ONLY way forward for Poland is education. The elderly and the countryside didn’t vote – that says it all. The generation gap and the city-country divide is still as wide as a dragon’s maw and needs to be narrowed.

    Methinks that Lech Kacz will throw his weight around to begin with (at the behest of his evil twin) but then he’ll realise he has nothing to lose and everything to gain by working with Tusk. They were, after all, very good friends and neighbours in Gdańsk for a long time.

  3. I shared your feelings about election turn up rates, up to the point when I read that those feeble 54% was the best turn up in 16 years. Plus, most of my friends who didn’t vote 2 years ago (and I mean those who said “I had a really hardcore party yesterday, I’m not going anywhere just to vote”) did so on sunday (despite being absolutely trashed the very same morning), dragging their families with them (yes, even their grandmothers). So I say sure, there is still a long way to go, but VISIBLE progress is being made as we speak.

  4. That’s what I’ve always been saying – that’s why I’ve invested my future and my money in this country. Things are moving upwards! 🙂

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