Music for the Masses

My thanks to Wirtualna Polska for inspiring me to do this post. As some of you may know I have a pechant for terrible tunes. Herein I present a list of some of the world’s worst album covers:

Mr M Mr Methane – rectal mahem!

The Gleason Family The Gleason Family -what a family!

Tarzan Tarzan & Banarne – loving bananas…

Dayton Dayton Allen – going for it…

Jesus The Sergo Brothers – Naomi loves Jesus

Royals The Royals – kingly costumes…

Ape The Mighty Accordian Band – it can be done!

Raven Glass Prism – haunting Raven…

Crusaders The Christian Crusaders – here to save the world!

Honkey Richard & Willie – politically correct…

Jim Jim Post – a moustache to be proud of…

Xmas Eilerts Jul – Xmas frollicks…

Jose Jose Angel – check out the shoes…

Schul Shuhplatter – dancing divas…

Truck Nev Nicholls – trucking genius!


4 Responses to Music for the Masses

  1. Czibo says:

    Christian Crusaders… You’ve got to love a band with such a name!

  2. rafuzar says:

    Check out the guy with the belly…

  3. Czibo says:

    As Elwood and Jake Blues said, ‘We hate Illinoi nazis.’

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