New Battle Begins

A new battle begins. The forces and good and evil will be pitted against one another once again. But this time, it is the forces of good that have the upper hand.

Pussy Cat DollsCivic Platform (PO) – a.k.a. the Pussy Cat Dolls – will now bear the mantle of the forces of good, the beautiful-looking, sweet-smelling cherubs of success. Take a look at the characters we have in PO. Their leader Donald Tusk is a sleek, well-groomed tall man in the charater of a real European man of state. His fellow PO-ites are also usually well-groomed and well-spoken.

LordiThe job of Law and Justice (PiS) – a.k.a. Lordi – will now be to break through this shell of perfume and make-up and show the world the true face of ‘The Platform’. However, the collective maws of PiS make a sorry sight. The Kaczyński twins (aka ‘potato heads’) are known for their unkempt looks, out-sized suits and ability to break the sentence of any language.

Brain against brawn? Looks against charm? Parliament re-opens for service on Monday…


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