Poles in the UK

I’m not a fan of posting videos and suchlike but I thought this little vid summed up the linguistic life of Poles living in the UK. This is a Polish chappy trying to undertake an important transaction in English. Enjoy:


22 Responses to Poles in the UK

  1. aggie says:

    It is even said that this popular curse is used as a comma in speech…Though I think that in this case the Pole may be justified – he was simply infuriated because this transaction was difficult, I’m sure that when he is relaxed, he is a lot more fluent…in more elegant issues of course…

  2. Raf Uzar says:

    I’m not so sure there’s ANY justification for the way he was speaking, although it is very amusing. 🙂

  3. Sao says:

    Haha, now THAT is an intelligent expression! To be honest, I think that ‘yyy’ or ‘eee’ in this case would be a ‘lesser evil’ 😀

  4. Raf Uzar says:

    Most certainly! 😉

  5. Viola says:

    I cannot think of any justification for such words, I wish that boy good luck….

  6. Pawel says:

    Damn…it made me laugh in such a way that I haven’t laughed in a avery long time…

  7. Pawel says:

    of course there’s a ‘space’ between a and very

  8. Raf Uzar says:

    I love the way that “k…” is used as a comma.

  9. pawel b says:

    I do not believe there is any justification of such a language, especially in business relations. Even frustration is not such.

    Nevertheless, that is the biggest ‘lol’ of the week.. Apart from the use of ‘k…’, I loved the way the speaker combined certain Polish expressions (“no to” – eng. ‘so’) with an English sentence (“how I can take”), of course adding his most favourite ‘k’-word 😉

  10. Raf Uzar says:

    It’s awful, isn’t it? But at the same time there’s something tragically comic in the whole conversation. And the scary thing is that the guy on the other end of the phone understands his Polish interlocutor! 😀

  11. pawel_b says:

    I just want to add something interesting to the topic – how Poles are perceived abroad.

    I don’t know if you know bash.org.pl – it’s a website where people send funny conversations from various means of communication, mainly IRC.
    Let me quote one:

    and where are You from??
    from Poland
    Oh… I know
    Andreas Lepper, HomoTubbies and Xero Brothers
    Yes :D:D


    Now you see what makes Poles so distinctive in the world 🙂

    btw. reading bash.org.pl is a nice way to make you smile everyday.. I recommend it!

  12. pawel_b says:

    oh, the nicknames have disappeared. the first interlocutor is some guy from abroad, the second one is a Polish girl named Madziaa.

  13. agnes says:

    unbelievable!!!!!!!!!! i’ll leave it without comment…..

  14. Raf Uzar says:

    Believe it ans weep!

  15. Oli says:

    I feel sorry..
    For that poor guy and for all the other ones that are still somewhere there enjoying their conversations.. 😉 The sad part is that it is so real and so common, not only in the UK, but also in Dublin.

  16. Raf Uzar says:

    Greg, I can’t pass out my email to you onthis open forum but I’m sure you’ll find a way to contact me by email and then we can continue this conversation…

  17. Greg says:

    Dear Raf: It’s a pity I checked out your site again that late. Many thanks for your possible assistance, but it’s almost done — I mean the profiles. If you could only let me know the computer literacy rate in Britain and Poland (?). And keep up what your’re doing on ”-ska – that’s great!. Regards, Greg

  18. Raf Uzar says:

    Thanks, Greg!
    As for literacy I’m not sure where to look but this link is pretty interesting:

  19. Greg says:

    Many thanks Raf — I’ll check out that site.
    Take good care and enjoy your stay in Poland!
    Best regards, Greg

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