Glamorous? I think not!

MicLife is a wonderful journey, full of pitholes, mishaps, but at the same time full of surprises, which can be both rewarding and heartening. I spent the weekend in Berlin working for the European Film Academy during the European Film Awards 2007 which took place in Germany’s wonderful capital.

I had the honour of being invited back to work at the European Film Awards after spreading my form of organised chaos at the previous Award Ceremony in Warsaw last year. Yet again, I had the pleasure of working with the same fine crew of genuine professionals. I kneel in shame before their superior intellect and organisation as the President once knelt before General Zod.

My job was to be the mysterious voice behind the credits and in between the clips recording things like “Cinematographer 2007…”, “European Actress 2007…” “European Short Film 2007…”. In other words, I was the voice behind the graphics. It sounds very glamourous, but trust me, it wasn’t. I sat in a cold, dark recording truck with the pre-production team grasping a bottle of water in one hand and the script in the other trying to get my tongue round a variety of languages including Hebrew, Turkish, French (!), Spanish and Romanian.

When that was done, several hours later, I was able to enjoy a few glasses of wine at the Award Ceremony watching the directors, actors, and the whole merry lot of Europe’s finest getting hideously drunk dancing their glitzy socks off to the Leningrad Cowboys who were on top form with their odd brand of cover-bandesque mélange. Between getting introduced to various actors, actresses and producers, I managed to sneek in a few canapés and then sneek out. Post-production awaited me in the morning.

Bummer. I had to get up at six o’ clock in the morning which meant little sleep and a hoarse voice. Not good when your voice is your job. After a gallon of coffee interspersed with tea and OJ, the driver took us to Eurovision where I had to dub over various Frenchies, whilst adjusting the script to the rigours of time and grammar.

We were done by midday but what really topped off the weekend was meeting someone while walking lazily down Friedrichstrasse. I bumped into an old friend from university who I had last seen twelve years ago in Lancaster. Life really is wonderful. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Glamorous? I think not!

  1. Isn’t it funny the way that positive posts in which one tells everyone how great life is going and the kind of glamorous things one’s been up to tend to attract stony silence on the comment front 🙂

    Good luck to you!

  2. Please don’t!!! After reading all these posts, this I find the most enjoyable. It’s nice to hear that people have such great lives. I envy You. Wish I could be a part of that kind of show one day.

  3. Alice is sitting next to me and enjoys “kurczak” from KFC, after 3 “zaliczenias” and she says “Life is beautiful and full of niespodziankas” (and we are still before ‘after party’ with dr Janecka). And life IS beautiful. Especially in ‘sesja’. But we still ENVY you:)

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