Kaczyński Coup d’État

KaczyńskiIs Kaczyński overstepping the mark? Experience tells me that a growing number of people are coming to believe that this man is actually very dangerous. People who have worked with him, alongside him, above him and under him are all coming to the same conclusion – Jarosław Kaczyński has very serious problems.

Tolerance & Pluralism
Kaczyński may want the best for his beloved country but he does not quite realise that what he believes to be the best for Poland is not necessarily what most people want. He may have the country’s best intentions at heart but he is unable to see beyond his own mindset. Pluralism, tolerance and respect for other people’s opinions are as foreign to Jarosław Kaczyński as being a full-time basketball player.

Loyalty & Devotion
GosiewskiThe politicians who are able to work with him (or his twin brother) are marked by an odd form of loyalty, perhaps genuflective devotion and, oddly enough, are not the best lookers in the world. Take for example, Messieurs Kamiński, Bielan, Gosiewski and Karski. Need I say more?

Kamiński & BielanEgo & Drive
Why would anyone surround themselves with overzealous devotees who are not the most aesthetically pleasing lot in the world? The answer is more than obvious. Kaczyński is a man driven by his ego. We all know how dangerous this can be (see link).

Plots & Coups
MacierewiczLech Wałęsa recently spoke of how Kaczyński and fellow extremist Antoni Macierewicz (another well-rounded and handsome fellow) plotted a coup to overthrow him as president. Macierewicz was the then Minister of the Interior of PM Olszewski’s ill-fated and short-lived government.

Vetting & Witch-hunting
Wałęsa describes how Kaczyński and Macierewicz had already managed to mobilise certain army units in preparation for a coup which would prolong the Olszewski government whose death knell had already been sounded. Luckily, Wałęsa brought the fiasco government (which had already managed to initiate the vetting witch-hunt that has become an embarrasing part of Polish politics) to a crashing finale.

President & PiS
FotygaThe former leader of Solidarity together with other commentators are worried that Jarosław Kaczyński is yet again planning to regain power but this time through his puppet (president) Lech Kaczyński. The President recently announced that the National Defence Council will not be undergoing a re-shuffle. Tradition has it that members of the government and the Speakers of both Houses are members of the Council. Instead, the members include Ludwik Dorn (PiS), Anna Fotyga (PiS), Aleksander Szczygło (PiS) and… the leader of the Opposition… Jarosław Kaczyński.


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