What kind of President are you, anyway?

Donald & Kaczor Oh dear. To be honest the Lech Kaczyński-Donald Tusk tiff is becoming embarrassing. In truth both Kaczyński and Tusk are to blame for the farce that is Polish domestic and international politics.

Sikorski Come Home
Another hot spot blew up when Kaczyński ordered Radosław Sikorski, Foreign Affairs Minister to return to Poland before he went off to the Ukraine. The President demanded he be informed, in person, of what Sikorski wished to discuss while in Kiev. This childlike outburst was both annoying and unnecessary. Sikorski was several minutes before an important speech in Brussels concerning EU-Serbia relations. Kaczyński refused to speak to him on the phone. Rattles were thrown out of the pram. He had to cancel the speech. When Sikorski arrived hastily in Warsaw to meet the President, the conversation turned to US politics rather than Urainian relations. It became obvious that Kaczyński had ordered Sikorski to return to Poland to spite Sikorski and Civic Platform (PO), the ruling party.

President or Bust
What is incredible about the whole Kaczyński-Tusk dispute is the fact that the two of them were neighbours and (allegedly) good friends for a long time. Tusk, as most people know, has designs on the Presidency and will most certainly try and get himself elected President at the next elections. Kaczyński realises this and will do anything to taint the image of his one-time friend and neighbour. What is sad is the fact that the Polish concept of solidarity has gone out the window. Both men were important members of the Solidarity movement. Power corrupts, power is intoxicating and has gone to the head of both men.

Little Man, Big Job
The President of a country should be a figure-head, a role model of sorts. However, this little man has about as much charisma as a wet teddy bear. Lech Kaczyński is not and never will be a statesman or a leader of men. He is feeble, boring and very irritating. His body language says it all. He is a suspicious little man, uncomfortable with one of the most responsible positions in one of the largest countries of Europe. His rhetoric is negative and full of bile. And more frighteningly, he is completely at the beck and call of his twin brother. Jarosław says jump, Lech jumps; Jarosław says beg, Lech begs; Jarosław says follow, Lech follows.

PiS President
Lech Kaczyński is joint head of Law and Justice (PiS) in all but name. He represents the views of his brother’s party and his little minions. He does not represent the country. He is not a real president. Opinion polls paint a dark picture. Lech Kaczyński is neither a popular figure nor a politican that Polish people trust. He is regarded by most media commentators as a puppet of Jarosław, his twin brother. Poland has a president but it does not have a President (with a capital ‘P’). The average Polish person feels no pride in the fact that this man represents their country. Sad but true.

14 thoughts on “What kind of President are you, anyway?

  1. “the conversation turned to US politics rather than Urainian relations” <– demonstrating once and for all that pan Prezy Dent the Tiny Teletubby is on another planet than the rest of us. 🙂

    As for the current situation, well, the Polish people (or 35%-odd of 55%-odd of those eligible to vote, which basically means someone’s granny in Bialostoczczyna and her friend she goes to church with) voted for the dipstick, so they have to put up with him. It’s called democracy. Anyone remember a certain chronically unpopular Prime Ministress of Britain who managed to hold power for eleven years despite all the bile thrown at her by that ever-dissatisfied minority of troublemakers called ‘the educated, intelligent and aware members of the society’?

    As long as the ‘democratic process’ is so poorly constructed as to allow well-organised minorities to manipulate just enough of a generally apathetic population to vote them into power, then this kind of krap is going to happen in this country, mine, and many others as well. Change the system! Away with the four- or five-yearly mass votes for national parties; in should come regional power-sharing, decentralisation, local assemblies based on people who really come up from the grass roots, not imposed by cabals from the big cities who are putting their puppets in place to do their evil.

  2. Jim,
    I’ve always believed in decentralisation and federalisation, alas, I don’t think many other people do. Ho hum….
    In the meantime, fight the dwarf!

    Darthsida, who ever said I was unbiased? 😉

  3. Raf, don’t get me wrong, it’s good to be biased. The unbiased suck. I am biased, too: pro-Kaczynski and against-Tusk about their wrestling contest, but find the temerity to admit so. You use(d) phrases such as “In truth” or “it became obvious” or “body language says it all” or “average Polish person” or “Polish people” or “most media”. Don’t you have your own biased mind? Why hide behind ‘semantic misuses’?

    Make your biased statement boldly or don’t make them. Otherwise, you’d resemble Wałęsa, admitting that plays with the recent national mourning have been foul owing to each and every political side but then he’s focused on the Presidential Palace basically. Walesa is biased and cowardly. Let’s be just biased, please, Raf?

    Further, when you want to part with the truth – do it more…gracefully. “Opinion polls paint a dark picture” is too blunt a lie. I like subtler lies. (Take it just as your reader’s wish.) Or, if this should not be a lie, provide some figures and sources.

    Finally. I used to know people who wouldn’t vote for Korwin-Mikke because “he wears that stupid bow tie” or for Rokita “because he licks his lips licentiously”. Now, “little (man)” of yours – did it stand for “short” or for “base”, I wonder? You know your words might be taken as if you’re ridiculing someone’s physique?

    Have a nice day!

  4. Many thanks for the comments, darthsida. I don’t see what the problem is with “in truth” or “become obvious”. Moreover, “body language” IS a good sign of someone’s psyche and psychological state. On the other hand, I do agree regarding “average” and “Polish people”. It’s good to tease and suggest…

  5. You’re welcome, Raf, I enjoy it here, teased or not. But since you’re asking:
    — “body language”. Even knowing that Raf Uzar is a body language native speaker, don’t you think you’re implying things to people who know nothing about the language? And if you’re serious about BL, then you know: these things can be trained. The question would be: Do we want to Polish presidents (whoever they come) to undergo BL training and hide themselves behind Tymochowicz-wise set of tricks?
    — “In truth”? Whose truth? If anyone’s, then it’s a lie, as no general truth exists. If your truth, then the phrase would be, ehm, redundant?
    — “obvious” is fine and decent but only as long as Kaczynski’s “obvious obviousness” (‘oczywista oczywistość’) is not laughed at.

  6. Nice. Very nice. Darthy, a “body language native speaker” – not quite sure what that means, but I think those psychologists who know something about body language will be able to read the problems that LK really does have. Interestingly, whenever LK is irritated or stressed he rubs his hands in a very idiosyncratic way. It’s very difficult to mask one’s body language because it’s who we are. If we stop rubbing our hands then something else, another gesture takes its place. Watch a person for long enough and you’ll know what kind of person they are. I’m no expert on body language but I know that the eyes really are the window to the soul. If you’ve got red eyes, start panicking…

  7. OK, agreed that we can detect some basic gestures with our intuition. My question: do we like (a) sincerity of hand movements showing negative emotions — more than (b) absence of hand movements [and showing no negative emotions] — more than (c) well-trained hand movements showing positive emotions despite negative feelings inside one’s heart?

  8. Good point and I understand what you’re trying to say, but as I mentioned, some things simply can’t be masked, covered up or learnt. Certain ticks or movements can’t be removed – it’s part of who we are.

  9. => Jingles, isn’t there a fallacy? I’d expect your thing to go:
    “Is Donald Tusk a Crypto Jew? If he is–Poland has a cryptoproblem!
    => Raf, don’t bother. It’s supposed to mean the usual you-know-what thing.

  10. I am from Poland and say abaut facts and don’t repeat stiupid opinions of polish oposition. Kaczyński is the outstanding politician. His party had 32% support in last elections after two years of rule in very difficult coalition with populist A. Lepper. He lose issue of conditions the lisboa treat but besides his politic is very smart and His brother will recover the authority after next elections. They can to speak, to took and to act like a statemens.They are doctor and profesor of law, are many years in politics and are not into the crown of the head beaten.

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