Whose afraid of Russia?

The bearWith yet another fuel crisis facing Europe it seems that the idea (and hope) of any form of continental solidarity is well and truly gone. The previous Polish government made a point of poking Putin in the eye. Tusk et al (together with the rest of Europe) are simply at a loss in the face of Russian arrogance forcefulness.

President meets President
Gazprom, the ominous and seemingly omipotent fuel behemoth, has called for Ukraine to pay up its alleged 1.5 billion dollar debt or face being cut off. The situation is not pretty. Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko jetted off to Moscow for emergency talks with Vladimir Putin in order to push through a deal which of course begs the question: why must the Ukrainian President have to ask Putin to intervene? Who the hell is Putin? Gazprom is of course a private corporation so why should Putin have anything to do with it?

Russian Corruption
We all know the answer to the question. Russia’s political scavengers elite are the root of the problem. The stereotypical (romantic and naive) view of Russia is a land of snow, vodka, hard deals and straight talking. Nothing could be further from the truth. Corruption, immorality and ruthlessness are more typical. The UK government have been at loggerheads with Russia in recent months for a variety of reasons. But still the EU sits on its hands and does nothing.

European Union?
The Kaczyński government highlighted the problem when it came to light that the German government and the Putin/Gazprom alliance had decided to build a pipeline on the bottom of the Baltic Sea excluding and bypassing Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus. The respective leaders of the union of European states did nothing. Solidarity? What solidarity?!

Helping Hand
Seeing that Putin is happy to mix corrution, business and politics, it is about time the EU put their collective foot down and act firmly. Will they come to an agreement concerning a common energy policy that does in fact offer security to all 27 states of the EU and those in the closest vicinity (i.e. Ukraine) or will they continue to sit about and do nothing? Time to act methinks…


8 thoughts on “Whose afraid of Russia?

  1. Actually, Gazprom is a state-owned company, not a private corporation, but you are correct in noting that the political elite are at the root of the problem.

    Also it looks like Russia has given the Ukraine an extension on the debt issue, but nevertheless Tymoshenko continues to argue that the corrupt middlemen at RosUkrEnergo are the ones responsible for driving up the debt.

    Check out our blog for lots of writing about the Nord Stream, Poland, and Ukraine.

  2. I’ll start with pointing out the market rule: no pay, no game:) With such a debt Russia decided to force the payment in a truly viscious manner. As for the Russia it is one of the biggest economical powers in the world (and it has a lot of gas:) and it is no wonder that it is not afraid to show its claws. I’m furious as well that Russian politics mingles with business and Putin pulls all the threads but I think nothing can be done about it. Why? Simply because Russia is a player that European countries recognise and their economical particularisms are above the EU solidarity (see Germany).

  3. This blog seems news-ish too.. I thought this was news originally:) Adding both then.

    PS. Since you’re a native speaker, please don’t hesitate to poke me whenever you see an embarrassing language mistake on my site:)

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