Split in PiS

KamińskiThe End is Nigh for Law and Justice (PiS). The cracks that Kaczyński’s minions have been attempting to paper over are finally breaking through to the surface. The right-side of Poland’s political scence has forever been marked by in-fighting, faction-formers and splitters. And PiS is no different.

Brother Shall Betray Brother…

After the farce that was President Lech Kaczyński’s recent address (cum election speech) to the nation (see here) and the public outcry that followed, there seems to be increasing tension between uber-twin Jarosław and his (seemingly more powerful yet servile) Presidential brother Lech.

PiS President

The fundamental error committed by Lech Kaczyński when he became President was not to dissociate himself with his (former) party. Granted, he did hand in his party membership but all that he says, all that he does demonstrates a worrying PiS bias. He is the ‘PiS President’ as so many Polish commentators say.

Cracks Appear

The main Kaczyński-Kaczyński problem seems to concern those that surround each of the brotherly camps. Lech Kaczyński, up to now, has held with more European-oriented Michał Kamiński and Adam Bielan whereas uber-twin Jarosław prefers the more fork-tongued, conservative advice provided by Jacek Kurski, Zbigniew Ziobro and Przemysław Gosiewski. In his recent address, Jarosław told his twin to ditch Kamiński and make use of Kurski.

Kurski Controversy

KurskiJacek Kurski is a two-bit spin doctor known for his outspoken views on anything and everything. He made his name in (recent) politics by fabricating a story concerning Donald Tusk’s grandfather claiming he was a member of the Nazi Wehrmacht. Classy, very classy. Despite his despicable views, Jaroslaw has stuck by him through thick and thin. Following the botched presidential address which Kurski brewed up for Lech, the President might not be so willing to use the services of his uber-twin’s minions in the future.

Two Parties – No Party

If a split does take place in the party it will in all likelihood rest on Poland’s place in Europe. The Lech-Kamiński-Bielan et al camp are more pro-Europe and more inclined to work with Civic Platform (PO) whereas the Jarosław-Kurski-Ziobro-Gosiewski faction are more for an anti-European, conservative, right-wing Poland where ‘family’ values (i.e. intolerance) are more important.

Right-Wing Implosion

This may be a time to rejoice for those who dislike PiS but it is another sad moment in modern Polish political history. After the glory days of Solidarity, Polish politicians are unable to match the selflessness and fruitfulness of those times. A divided right-wing and feeble left-wing has created a vacuum which an equally weak PO has filled. The question for all those concerned is whether PO will be able to step up to the plate, take advantage of the weakness of the opposition and finally usher in the reforms that Poland so desperately needs…


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