Strefa Rafa

BisAs part of my escapades around Warsaw I spend a fair bit of time making a fool of myself on Polskie Radio Bis, better known as Biska. Part of my ‘stuff’ is a weekly Friday slot known as Strefa Rafa where I throw odd Polish cultural phrases at listeners who have a week to come up with interesting translations into English. Anyway, I thought I’d share some of the Polish phrases with you together with audio clips of the translations the listeners gave:

“bo to zła kobieta była”

“mieć plecy”

“wykręcić komuś numer”

“kupa roboty”

“na dwoje babka wróżyła”

“skrót myślowy”


“Polak potrafi”

It really is amazing the ideas people come up with when they put their minds to it. It also makes the life of the translator so much more fulfilling.

17 thoughts on “Strefa Rafa

  1. HI. I have just started learning Polish, and this is wonderful ! please please please put more of these up here. It’s great to hear pronounciation, and always idiom and slang is better than the dry formal speech given in ” how to ” style guides.

    Thanks for making me smile.

  2. This is from a listener (Michał):

    A few months ago you asked to find a phrase for “WYLUZUJ”. I was thinking about “loose your bones” It’s becouse it’s a pun in Polish, “wyluzować” also means to get rid of chicken’s bones. In a fancy restaurant you can ask: “czy kurczak jest wyluzowany?”. Also, I remember watching a stupid carton called “Cow and Chicken” and in one episode there was a chicken called Cousin Boneless, of course he didnt have any bones, but he told lots of jokes and was really cool, so he was WYLUZOWANY.
    Cheers man!

  3. Hey Raf, can You remember what was the winner phrase for ‘wyluzuj’? Couse I didn’t catch it on the radio (work work)

  4. you made me smile today Raf. With his entry of yours it made my day. It helps me in someway in my learning of polish language which gives me hard time here. Can I hear that segment of yours here in our area in Slaskie? hear you…


  5. Cheers Raf – I’ve got a thought to learn each one – and try it out in context (oh, the shock, the frisson!). Love the way you’ve presented these here, too.


  6. Polishcurl! I’m happy I made you smile. I think they have Radio Bis in Śląsk – if not, you can always listen online (nice pic, by the way!). That’s right – Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at around 12:30 till 12:45. On Fridays I’m on earlier (about 12:15) till about 13:00. Short, but oh so sweet. 🙂

    Bilus, thanks for the kind words. Switch on the radio and get listening. REALLY liked your blog. 🙂

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