Racism in Poland

It is with great sadness that I present to you all a short 15-minute special report put together by the BBC concerning racism in Poland.

Let’s hope everyone pulls together and does something about this. I’m appealing to everyone out there – football fans, politicians, whoever, let’s do something about this!


11 thoughts on “Racism in Poland

  1. Have you seen the comments on the original video post? Numerous ‘shame on you’ posts telling off to the BBC mixed with a few agreeing comments and the odd right-wing comment.

    I’ve seen reactions similar to this about past Polish national issues and from experience I know after a while people calm down and do start dealing with the problem.

    It just ain’t pretty when the news breaks, particularly if its a foreigner breaking it.

  2. Although I don’t really like the way this report was made, it is true that Polish stadiums are not the best place for non-white supporters and players… sad but true.

  3. Have you been to a football match in Poland? To be honest, I think the racism on the terraces is just as bad as it was in England in the ’80s. What the BBC programme showed wasn’t football hooliganism but more of a (very dangerous) subculture.

  4. i think you need to come over here and see for yourself,apart from football hooligalism and all what you call it,everywhere is a den of racist.
    the country is not safe at allllllll
    i live here and i know what am talking about,
    bakeries,bars,pubs.,clubs,bouncers there are racist,
    in bus, you hear chants of racism,.
    paste it boldly men, am telling you the real fact., here is total nonesense, they aint doing anything about it at all.

  5. Poland is a den of racists . this country has its laws based on hate , no foriegner is allowed to progress and they derive joy form our sadness. only recently the Arabs started investing but trust me they are racist . everywhere you go someone must let you know you are not part of them . they only take your money , they never give anything back then they look for a way to kick you out .i cant tell you how many racist incident i have encountered . over 10,000 . it takes the foreigners to tell you how it is .when i say foreigners i don’t mean Americans of white Europeans cos they favors those blokes

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