Kaczyński in Deep Sh**

Pres KaczorHe has managed to do it again. Polish President Lech Kaczyński is once again in the news (see article here). And all for the wrong reasons. This time Human Rights Watch (HRW), that most marvellous of institutions has found Poland’s president wanting. Intolerance is the main charge. Again. This time, he has managed to get himself inaugurated into the infamous HRW Hall of Shame for being homophobic.

History of Homophobia
Unfortunately, Kaczyński’s track record is by no means glowing. And together with his brother Jarosław and his party Law and Justice (PiS) has managed to build up a reputation as a right-wing, intolerant, nationalist, homophobic fuddy duddy. What is surprising is the fact that he has actually worked to build up this reputation. To Kaczyński and the rest of his brother’s PiS henchmen this conservative tag is quite the compliment.

Homophobic Highlight
Lech Kaczyński made the Hall of Shame thanks to his speech to the nation which was directed by uber-PiSite Jacek Kurski. The video that accompanied his speech (against the ratification of the EU Reform Treaty) showed the marriage of a gay couple, alluding to the fact that Poland will become ‘a hive of gaydom’ (my words) should they become more closely attached to the EU. What makes this situation even more worrying is the fact that Kaczyński was already warned of his attitude by HRW (see letter here).

Last Bastion
The sad thing is that PiS seems to be full of these intolerant buffoons and in recent years HRW have made it a habit pleading with and writing to various members of this party when they were in government. Roman Giertych (himself once allied to PiS whilst a part of the government coalition) was previously earmarked by HRW for endangering children (check entry here). It seems now that the last bastion of intolerance in a seemingly more liberal sea of tolerance in Polish politics is, unfortunately, the President.

15 thoughts on “Kaczyński in Deep Sh**

  1. Just as the demo placard “Somewhere in Texas, a village is missing its idiot” proved a tipping point in the perception of George W. Bush’s career, so a placard at the Parada Równości “Panie Prezydencie, gej jest Twoim bratem” tipped the Twins into a large vat of Ridicule from which they’ve never extricated themselves.

  2. As somebody said: Politicians are like napkins, they have to be changed very often and for the same reason.
    well… this napkin has a very bad smell. Luckily, election is soon and hopefully this napkin will be change ASAP
    I have to say the ‘Texas’ placard is really good :)))

  3. Mr Uzar….what you do is sensless and as limited as your culture.

    It is shame , that person like you live in capital of Poland .

    You do not have any reason to offend my country and especially as honorable person as President of Poland–in particular such a great president as President Kaczynski.

    Fortunately – you are almost alone- millions of people around the world pay respect to President Kaczynski.


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