Public Secrets

Allies or Enemies?
Allies or Enemies?

Today’s front-page news published this morning in Dziennik is both shocking and sickening. Dziennik published a so-called top secret meeting between the Minister of Foreign Affairs Radosław Sikorski and the Polish President Lech Kaczyński.

Secret Meeting
The meeting took place in a sound-proof chamber in the headquarters of the Office of National Security (BBN) in Warsaw. The first question is why on earth did it take place in a special room if, much to my utter surprise, the information was leaked and found on the front page of a national newspaper? The leak helps neither President Kaczyński nor Minister Sikorski, although Kaczyński will probably feel the brunt of negative opinion in the opinion polls.

The Meeting
Dziennik publishes part of the discussion between two of Poland’s most important politicians (Lech Kaczyński – LC ; Radosław Sikorski – RS):

LC: Are you a translator?
RS: What’s that got to do with anything?
LC: I’ll repeat my question, are you a translator?
RS: I don’t understand what that has to do with the topic under discussion.
LC: Please log: “He refuses to answer the question whether or not he’s a translator”.
RS: I am not a translator but I speak good English, evidence of which is a university degree I received in England.
LC: Did you translate yesterday’s telephone conversation between Donald Tusk and American Vice President Dick Cheney?
RS: No. A White House translator who was on the line at the same time translated the conversation.


LC: Your ego has blown up to monstrous proportions.
RS: If you continue to insult me I will leave.

RS: You might be the President but you can also be a jerk.

Foreign Policy
The tone of the conversation is shocking. The President behaves like an Inquisitor loading his questions with accusations while the Minister goes way too far by insulting the President. Together these two gentlemen are responsible for Poland’s foreign policy. If these kinds of animosities continue and the two of them are not able to behave like grown adults then the future looks grim for Poland. It is clear that Lech Kaczyński is unable to talk to people he doesn’t like which is a big problem for someone who believes himself to be a diplomat. Radosław Sikorski on the other hand is far too emotional for a man with such a position. Individually, they are political time bombs waiting to go off. Together, the results are catastrophic. Let us hope they see sense and are able to bury the hatchet and get on with what is important for the country.


8 thoughts on “Public Secrets

  1. More proof that the whole of the current political class, from top to bottom, should be replaced. I trust and respect none of them; there are only the degrees to which I either fear or despise them.

    On a linguistic note, is ‘jerk’ a good way to render ‘cham’? A problem I’ve had ever since I started learning Polish is how to accurately convey the flavour of that word. To me it seems almost old-fashioned, something akin to calling one a ‘boor’ or a ‘blackguard’ or something – words which in English now seem comical, and don’t have any of the bite of the Polish expression. Which, as I’m sure you know, is Biblically derived.

  2. Good point about ‘cham’. My first attempt at translating it was ‘boor’ but as you quite accurately pointed out it would sound odd. I also thought of ‘arse’ but that, on the other hand, would be far too much…

  3. a noraml man can hardly imagine how in the face of so important a matter as the shield the two man find time and energy for such stupid word-battles!I suppose such a situation is nothing new in politics but still it makes me sick when I realise that they are responisble for issues that may have a palpable effect on my life… Russia starts reacting

  4. Nice one mate,cheers for adding me to your subscriptions,havent written for a while due to amount of stress at uni.but am working on my procrastination problem.

    good stuff your writing.

    keep the media in poland public!

    Raf(ael Gurbisz)

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