Music for the Week

It’s summer, enough politicking. The weather’s picked up and it’s my birthday tomorrow so it’s now time to relax, take a step back and listen to some nice little tracks from a few of my favourite artists and a few more.

Pirate Song (sounding a lot like My Sweet Lord) on Rutland Weekend Television by George Harrison:

I’ll See You in My Dreams by Joe Brown:

River Song by Dennis Wilson (of Beach Boys’ fame):

Carmensita by the eccentric Mr Devendra Banhart:


12 thoughts on “Music for the Week

  1. timbo, dennis wilson is a god – fine music.
    as to the other stuff, if memory serves, the joe brown tune is from the ‘concert for george’.

  2. Hmm… I remember someone saying something like “I don’t like embedding videos in blogs and I never do it myself”… I guess people DO change after all 😉 Oh, and a late Happy Bday to you!

  3. Let us hope it’s a change for the better;> The Carmensita song made me fall of my cmfy chair, the video is a treat for those summer days, it made my day. All the best to the chinchilla man (better late than never hehe):)

  4. Pretty interesting videos. I like especially 1st and the last one. George is my favourite of The Beatles, but I haven’t heard before about Mr Devendra Banhart. He certainly must be White, not Indian, and it’s strange that he sings in Spanish (if I good listened to it).
    Oh, and by the way – the host in a gold suit seems familiar to me. I have seen him somewhere before. Monthy Payton or sth like it.

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