Sikorski vs. Kaczyński… Again

Angered Sikorski
Don't go giving me evils!

Radosław Sikorski has yet again let his emotions fly claiming that the President is not an “Oberpremier” and he, Sikorski, reports only to the Prime Minister and not the President. The whole kerfuffle came about when Minister of Foreign Affairs Sikorski visited Belarus in an attempt to improve relations between the two countries.

My Word Against Yours
President Kaczyński believes the visit should have coordinated with his office and his person. Sikorski believes otherwise. Even though he did send a note to the Presidential Office, Sikorski said that there was absolutely no constitutional need for him to do so. The President does not have to be consulted in these matters. Sikorski went as far as saying that President Lech Kaczyński still cannot get used to life without his brother Jarosław being PM.

Belarusian Results
Regardless of their bickering, Sikorski’s visit to Poland’s eastern neighbour should be hailed a success. It was the first such visit in years and also marked an important point for Poland’s diplomatic corps as Sikorski was also representing the European Union on his mission to Minsk. Although little of substance was agreed upon, the very fact that the Polish mission was even allowed to set foot in the Belarus is a positive point. Belarus despot Lukashenko is sounding out the political mood and realises that putting all his egss in the Russian basket might not actually be a good idea. The Polish visit was well-organised and well-timed.

Poor Advice
Whatever the results, the incessant squabbling between Sikorski and Kaczyński has become tiresome. Almost every time Kaczyński instigates such an attack (and he is nearly always the initiator), he invariably takes a pounding in the opinion polls, from the press and from the majority of commentators. What is surprising is his complete inability to learn from his mistakes. His chief aide Michał Kamiński claims that a new ‘friendly’ President will soon emerge. Does that imply more PR? From Kamiński? I dread to think what the outcome will be. Kaczyński has a penchant for poor advisors and this latest spat only highlights their ineffectiveness in the world of power politics.

4 thoughts on “Sikorski vs. Kaczyński… Again

  1. This incessant instability of our foreign policy is becoming damaging to the way other countries perceive us. It pains me we, citizens, cannot do a thing about this silly argument between those two “statesmen”. If one wants to be considered a diplomat one should be able to bear personal animosities and keep in mind Poland’s interest is the most important thing.

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