President Go Home

Heading to Brussels
Heading to Brussels

Yesterday’s news (see here) that President Kaczyński will also be making his way to the upcoming EU summit comes as a surprise for all of us, both here in Poland and in the rest of Europe. Lech Kaczyński seems to be a man unaware of his position and capabilities, a little Napoleon set on crusading through Europe and the world, even though there have been no crusades for generations. The man seems to be set on creating the world in his own image, an image shared only by himself (and perhaps his more pesky twin brother).

No Heads of State
Little Miss Kaczyński has got it into his head that he is too important not to attend the EU summit. The problem is that this is an inter-governmental summit and not a meeting of heads of state. Will Queen Elizabeth be there? Juan Carlos of Spain? President Sarkozy of France? No. Each country is set to be represented by its Prime Minister and in Poland’s case also the Finance Minister. Besides, the President does not possess the know-how to discuss the financial machinations of the current economic downturn and future escape packages for Europe.

Opposition to Kaczyński
In a remarkable show of solidarity, Poland’s opposition politicians (bar PiS, headed by Lech’s twin brother) have all come out on the side of Prime Minister Tusk who has reiterated that Lech Kaczyński should under no circumstances travel to the summit. Even malcontent, former PM Leszek Miller has put the full weight of his support behind Tusk claiming that the current PM is “utterly in the right and has done no wrong” (Tok FM).

Lithuania or Bust
Kaczyński is so eager to stamp on Tusk’s fire and cause mayhem that the idea was even mooted that he would travel with the Lithuanian delegation. Does that mean Kaczyński’s aides have been ‘phoning round’ to see who the President of Poland might piggy-back with. Very swish, very elegant. After meeting Tusk, it now seems that Kaczyński will be travelling in the official plane to Brussels albeit the day after Tusk and the Finance Minister go. However, the question needs to be asked: why on earth did Tusk back down?

Mission Impossible
Sadly, Lech Kaczyński has become a political pest. He has no regard for accepted etiquette (i.e. the above summit) and is dead set on proving to the world he is a ‘great leader’. If this was the case, he would perhaps  be a little more cautious with where he travels and more restrained with what he says. He seems to forget that he is the President of the Republic of Poland. He represents the people and not the party of his twin brother. His mission is to present Poland in a good light rather than spend all his energies on promoting himself.

One thought on “President Go Home

  1. It gets better! Following an interview with reporter Monika Olejnik, Lech Kaczyński threatened to “ruin her” and said that “not even the secret services would be able to help her” after the President got a little irate with her line of questioning. The comments brought hard-hitting Olejnik to tears and TV station TVN have reported Kaczyński to the National Broadcasting Council for threatening a reporter. Kaczyński has since apologised.

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