Who the Duck Do You Think You Are?

Fancy an Egg?
Egg on Your Face

Lech Kaczyński is doing everything he can to get noticed much to the chagrin of most of Poland’s political elite, journalists and tired citizens. He began the week by making a bold, mighty declaration stating that Russia should withdraw its armed forces from Georgia. The plan, instigated by Kaczyński, was to collect the signatures of a large number of well-known and influential world leaders. The declaration was signed by Kaczyński and… the President of Lithuania. To make matters worse, Lech Kaczyński failed to inform Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

EU Boob
The week rolled on and Kaczyński went from blunder to bungle. When PM Donald Tusk realised that Kaczyński will be yet again gate-crashing yet another EU summit Tusk decided that he won’t force himself to go through the embarrassment of being patted on the back (again) and patronised by a meddling Kaczyński.  Tusk will not be travelling to the summit. The PM’s decision is both ridiculous and emotional and one cannot help feeling that somehow, somewhere Poland’s interests have been cast aside in this catty bickering between the two politicians.

Congratulatory Goof
But by far the biggest boo-boo made by Kaczyński this week was his congratulation letter sent to Barack Obama in which Kaczyński twice writes: “the President of the United States of Northern America”. Apparently, the original draft of the letter containing the correct title, written by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was later ‘corrected’ by Kaczyński’s own office. Not only has Kaczyński managed to make a fool of himself, make a fool of his countrymen, insult the President-Elect of the most powerful nation in the world but also, quite incredibly, invent a brand new country. Impressive.


20 thoughts on “Who the Duck Do You Think You Are?

  1. I’m also not a fan of him, and also I really don’t care about political affairs in Poland. I’m neutral. I feel better not knowing what’s going on in politics.

  2. Is anyone even surprised at anything he does anymore? I think he has exceeded all expectations. My advice: look at it as a political cabaret, that’s what Polish politics is most of the time. At least you don’t get disappointed this way.

  3. That’s true, Polish government is very dissapointing, but when wasn’t it? I know that I maybe have no right to say that because I’m not old enough, but it’s kind of true. I also have heard that people in France aren’t very fond of their president; the famous voodo incident is a hit there for sure. So, we are no exception in the world.

  4. I am justified. I didn’t want him to become the President of Poland, he is not a president which speaks about things I think. Even if he says something I don’t even agree with him actually. He would rather be more sophisticated not pretend to be.

  5. oh there’s one thing our beloved mr president does perfectly…. making a fool of himself and, by the way, of our country…
    “the President of the United States of Northern America” – let’s educate kaczynski a bit :]

  6. I used a derogatory term “weirdo” becuse what the president does, especially in terms of relations with the head of government, are very hard to explain. Now he’s just hapy, the PM let him go alone to Brussels and he seems to be having a lot of fun there. What about the nation? Do we also have to chuckle?

  7. Oh, it’s easy to explain. All his decisions are made to spite the head of government. He wants to thwart the PM’s plans out of envy and take maximum advantage of the time that remains to the end of his unfortunate tenure. He can’t think he will gain social support through his irrational actions,can he?
    I’m ashamed that my country is represented by such a person.

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