Copenhagen Film Fest

European Prestige
European Prestige

It’s Sunday afternoon. I’m sitting in a chic, modern-looking interior sipping latte and tapping away on my laptop. There’s a smile on my face – there’s blue sky over Copenhagen and it’s not raining. I spent this weekend in Denmark working for the European Film Academy doing voice-over work during the European Film Awards Gala.

Brits and Bond
As always the whole team were a real joy to work with and incredibly professional. I spent much of the Gala night trying to scoff all the posh nosh, look suave and sophisticated and spot the big stars. Dame Judi Dench and fellow 007 co-star Bond baddie Mads Mikkelson got the biggest cheers but it was also good to see Sally Hawkins, star of Mike Leigh’s “Happy-Go-Lucky” and, another Brit, Steve McQueen who won the European Discovery Award.

Norwegian Diva
Norwegian Diva

Aqua and Gomorrah
My personal favourite bit of star-gazing was catching a glimpse of former trash pop diva Lene Grawford Nystrøm, lead singer of Aqua, best known for their hit “Barbie Girl”. She didn’t sing but did catch the eye of the media who were also interested in the “Gomorrah” team, nominees of several awards. The film ended up walking away with five statues. A nice surprise was Magdalena Biedrzycka who won an award for costume design on Katyń.

Ah, showbiz…


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