Muzzling Palikot

Silence of the Damned
Silence of the Damned

It’s a joy following politics. What could be more interesting than watching two politicians from opposing camps verbally hammering the hell out of each other. It’s the new substitute for warfare in the modern world. Politics and football are the arenas in which grown men (and sometimes women) are able to mash each other up without any legal consequences. Wonderful!

Speaking in Voices
The big news of the week (past few weeks, actually) in Poland apart from the gas battle between Ukraine and Russia are the ever controversial comments of Civic Platform (PO) politician Janusz Palikot – Civic Platform’s corrupt Metatron, an alter-ego to PO’s official mouthpiece, Grzegorz Schetyna, the party’s Secretary General. Palikot has again be laying into the opposition, Law and Justice (PiS). But this time was different…

Attacking the Opposition
Janusz Palikot hit the headlines when he had a dig at Grażyna Gęsicka (former Minister of Regional Development in the PiS government). Gęsicka claimed that the PO government had made poor use of EU funds. Palikot hit back saying something in the nature of: “It’s sad to see Grażyna Gęsicka prostituting herself. I never thought she’d prostitute herself in that way, I’m very sad to see it”. The opposition, headed by PiS head Jarosław Kaczyński, exploded in anger.

Throwing Him Out
Kaczyński said that Prime Minister and head of PO Donald Tusk should take “necessary actions” against Palikot, this has been backed up by other opposition politicians who believe Palikot should be thrown out of his party. Many have called for Palikot to be removed as chairman of the Friendly State Commission. In fact, Palikot has already tendered his resignation. But why? Is saying that Gęsicka was prostituting herself by lying about EU funding figures really that bad?

Calling the Kettle Black
It’s not a wonderful thing to say about a fellow politician and woman but why is it that Palikot has been targeted seemingly by the whole political elite (including his own PO)? Palikot has a penchant for controversy and loves being in the spotlight which many people cannot hack. Interestingly, the very people who have been calling for Palikot’s head have also been in the news for similarly so-called controversial statements. A lovely little gem was the following comment (2003): “The government, using lawyers who are prostituting themselves, is attempting to convince the House that the Constitution does not apply”. The comment was made by Jarosław Kaczyński.


6 thoughts on “Muzzling Palikot

  1. Only J. and L. Kaczyński seem to possess the licence to insult people. I think that, though he owes his popularity and/or infamy to chronic narrow-mindedness of the chief opposition party led by J. and supported wholeheartedly by L. Kaczyński, Janusz Palikot displays a unique sense of justice (a mark of great intellect) and reacts highly emotionally to any symptom of national malaise that might grant the ugly duo their return to power. It is sad that men like Palikot waste their creative energy dealing with the relics of the past system epitomized by Mr President’s relentless reliance on power of ignorance consolidated by hefty payouts to the meek and the least deserving

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