Time’s Up for Beenhakker

On His Way Out?
On His Way Out?

After Poland’s dreadful 3:2 defeat to Northern Ireland at Windsor Park, the clouds are gathering around Poland’s Dutch manager Leo Beenhakker and the future looks dim for the former Feyenoord coach.

Polish Roulette
It was always going to be a gamble for the Polish Football Association (PZPN) and the appointment of Beenhakker looked to be a wise choice when Poland qualified for the European Championships for the first time ever. But the cracks appeared when Poland went through the whole tournament without registering a single win together with a host of poor performances. Now the gamble looks to have completely back-fired.

Polish Trend
In group 3 of the World Cup Qualifying group Poland are fifth, one spot above minnows San Marino who prop up the group. Poland’s performances have been significantly under-par in recent games and looking at their games from the start of the qualifiers, it is easy to see the trend: Poland are playing worse, and getting worse, with every game. In such a tight group, chances of qualification for the World Cup in South Africa look slim.

Polish Style
What the majority of Polish football fans are annoyed about is the style of football being played. The national team are lacklustre and slow. They look confused and tired. Performances lack passion and energy. There is no heart and more importantly, there seems to be no talent. The remarkable 3:2 victory over Portugal which Beenhakker masterminded in the qualification for the European Championships is like a distant dream fading with every game.

Dutch Courage
Thankfully, the PZPN has several options. The simplest two are to stay patient and keep with Beenhakker. The other is to sack the Dutchman and begin anew, give the players a fresh start. Of course, the PZPN can also decide to re-structure and set up a system by which the national coach is but one element in the whole footballing machine, not the be all and end all. What Poland does not need now is a revolution, however, Polish football does need a change.

2 thoughts on “Time’s Up for Beenhakker

  1. And today, of course, he’ll be a national hero after the Red’n’Whites won 10-0… albeit against San Marino. (It never ceases to amaze me how SM, Andorra, Liechtenstein etc. can actually field eleven adult males to make teams. There was a UEFA proposition a couple of years ago to prevent these teeny teamlets from participating in major championship playoffs.. I wonder how those championships would have looked in previous years if there hadn’t been the tiny teams to rack up goal-difference points against. Someone shd do a statistical analysis of that.)

    I am never in favour of sacking managers too hastily – after all, it’s the players who have to go out there and kick ankle, and the bloke standing at the touchline can only ever do so much. Although you can’t deny that a good manager will make a difference – Capello seems to be getting the English prima donnas pull their socks up.

    But what does it say that Poland & England, like more and more teams, require foreign managers?

    Oh, and have you read/seen ‘The damned United’ yet? 😉

  2. That’s Poland for you. From hero to villain and back again. As for the UEFA idea, I don’t think it’d make much of a difference. The hiring of foreign managers is simply a fad, nothing more methinks.
    The Damned United. I don’t know if it’ll come out in Poland, but I can’t wait to see it. My hero on film. 🙂

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