Madonna vs. Madonna

Holy or Unholy?
Holy or Unholy?

The bizarre news that a group of catholic extremists are planning to pray their way into boycotting Madonna’s concert in Warsaw on the 15th August has caused quite a stir. Marian Brudzyński, a former member of the ultra-right-wing League of Polish Families (LPR), who heads Pro Polonia, a group which promotes ‘tradition’, ‘love of the nation’ and ‘religious values’ has called for the nation to boycott Madonna’s concert through prayer.

Holy Plan
What is remarkable is that Brudzyński et al (in all probability together with a horde of Bible-bashing grannies) has managed to create such a media stir that his dastardly plan might actually work. The former LPR crony  plans to camp out in Plac Bankowy (a key square in central Warsaw), together with the ‘masses’  and… pray. The pray-fest will begin at the end of the month and will last for two weeks ending on the 15th August – the date of Madonna’s concert.

Queen of Poland?
Queen of Poland, not Queen of Pop

Holy Square
The reasons for Brudzyński’s holy boycott is the fact that Madonna’s concert coincides with the church festival of the Assumption of… the other Madonna, that is the Virgin Mary (also known as the ‘Queen of Poland’). August 15th is also an important historical date for many Poles. On this day, the Poles routed the Soviet Army in what is now called the ‘Miracle on the Vistula’. Brudzyński is not a happy chappy and not well pleased with Madonna (the singer).

Holy War
Brudzyński has already managed to get a priest on board who will lead the prayers that will be regularly held in the open on Plac Bankowy. He has also taken the outrageous step of writing to Polish church authorities in an effort to get the Mayor of Warsaw, Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz excommunicated for her part in bringing Madonna to Warsaw. Ironically, Gronkiewicz-Waltz has absolutely nothing to do with the organisation of the concert. More information about Brudzyński et al can be found at Newzar.

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3 thoughts on “Madonna vs. Madonna

  1. I am not a orthodox catholic, rather a secularist and I don’t like hypocrisy. There is nothing wrong with expressing publicly your disregard (peacefully) to what is Madonna have to offer. I thing that those who are hostile to manifests like this have a tendency to be a despotic hypocrite. As for me, I don’t care whether Madonna will do her monkey business in Warsaw, and i don’t think it will be a blasphemy if she shows her droopy tits (although I have seen beautiful ones) but maybe there are people, citizens who will not like it. They have the right to express their feeling.

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