Is This Polish Justice?

Judging Justice - An Elephantine Enterprise
Judging Justice - An Elephantine Enterprise

 There are several ways to gauge a country’s level of development and civilisation. One of these ways is my own ‘State of the Public Toilets’ standard which I believe to be one of the more reliable measures. Take ten public toilets in Berlin, Warsaw and Vladivostok  and, hey presto, you can be sure which of these countries will come top. Another measure is the state of the justice system and it is with this is mind that we turn our attention to Poland and a piece of news which I find truly mortifying. 

The Sex Scandal Unfolds
The Sex Scandal Unfolds

The story begins in late 2006 when Aneta Krawczyk, a former member of Samoobrona, goes to the press with the shocking news that MPs Andrzej Lepper and Stanisław Łyżwiński have been taking advantage of their prominent positions in Samoobrona in order to procure sexual favours from young female members of the party. Aneta Krawczyk was one of the unfortunate victims of this abuse. It is at this point when the Polish justice system (and political system) begins its crusade primarily against Stanisław Łyżwiński. The seksafera begins. 

Łyżwiński - Happier Times
Łyżwiński - Happier Times

August 2007. Stanisław Łyżwiński is arrested by police and thus begins the sad and slow demise of this former farmer and wannabe political bigwig at the hands of the Polish justice system. Prior to being, Łyżwiński was suffering from serious prostate problems and cancelled an operation as he did not want to be seen to be evading justice. It seems this was a grave mistake. Łyżwiński was under the impression that if his medical condition deteriorated, the prison authorities would see to it that he receives the necessary aid. He could not have been more wrong. 

Łyżwiński After
Łyżwiński - Cancer-ridden & Paralysed

After spending six months behind bars, former MP Łyżwiński’s condition does begin to deteriorate. Doctors unqualified to diagnose the prisoner (dentists included) continue to maintain he is well enough to attend his court hearings. In fact, Łyżwiński’s case was drawn out for over two years. Later, it appears that Stanisław Łyżwiński has advanced malignant cancer and, no doubt, is in terrible pain (this would explain his screaming as noted by fellow in-mates). However, every time doctors plead with the courts to give him specialist care, subsequent judges refuse Łyżwiński’s removal to an appropriate hospital. 

Ziobro - the Ghost of Justice Past
Ziobro - the Ghost of Justice Past

Stanisław Łyżwiński is now in a wheelchair due to paralysis, the cancer has spread to his spine. He suffers from seizures and tremors and is often unable to articulate a single sentence due to the vast amount of pain medication he is taking. The question is not whether Stanisław Łyżwiński was guilty as charged – he was – but why a human being was made to suffer and why a fellow human was refused emergency medical treatment on numerous occasions? Some say that the Polish justice system is still within the grasp of Ziobroism, that is the right-wing hunger for vengeance (over compassion), revenge (over empathy) and justice (over tolerance). One hopes the case of former MP Stanisław Łyżwiński may change this.

4 thoughts on “Is This Polish Justice?

  1. Rafal – I developed the same ‘ranking system’ with regard to bathrooms. Starting when I first arrived in Poland in 1990 (pretty rank back then) and then following my journeys to 100% of European countries and into central Asia and eastern Europe (Moldova, Rep. of Georgia, Romania etc etc)

    There is a clear order that relates to the quality/accessibility/cleanliness of bathrooms and the country’s advancement. Oh, and the ‘bathroom ladies’

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