Poland Has a Cross to Bear

Shit Hits the Plaque
Shit Hits the Plaque

Things have really reached boiling point and one could colloquially add that the shit really has hit the fan in Poland. A ‘faecal’ assailant soiled the plaque commemorating the death of President Lech Kaczyński and 95 other passengers in the Smolensk air tragedy. A 71-year-old threw a strategically aimed pot of poo at the memorial tablet in central Warsaw. He was arrested by police and taken away. This follows several months of  squabbling over what should happen to the cross that was temporarily erected outside the Presidential Palace by scouts in memory of the victims of the Smolensk tragedy.

José & Jarek - Feel the Love
José Luis Zapatero & Jarek Kaczyński - Feel the Love

It all started when President Bronisław Komorowski announced that the temporary wooden cross should be transferred to a more appropriate place, specifically Saint Anne’s Church, not far from the Presidential Palace. The cross is of course a religious symbol and not a symbol of state and it is inappropriate to leave it outside the Presidential Palace. His comments kicked off a storm with Jarosław Kaczyński claiming Komorowski was anti-catholic and a proponent of the evil of what he termed ‘Zapaterism’.

Crucifixion Anyone?
Crucifixion Anyone?

The odd thing is that no one, apart from Jarosław Kaczyński, seems to know what evil deed it is that Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero has done. With a lack of decent policies, sound ideas and competent opinions, Kaczyński has been using the cross as a political makeweight. In fact, he has said that the policies of Law & Justice (PiS) will now revolve around the Smolensk tragedy. Kaczyński is literally crucifying his own party and followers in pursuit of his own personal mission. His personal loss seems to have clouded his judgement and the cross has begun to symbolise his hurt rather than the mission of Christ and his followers. Those so-called ‘defenders’ of the cross are to Catholics what hooligans are to regular football fans.

Christian or Fascist?
Christian or Fascist?

A fine example of the utter blindness of these so-called Christians was their behaviour when the day came to move the cross. Priests from Saint Anne’s came to lead the cross in procession from the Presidential Palace to Saint Anne’s Church. The reaction of these ‘Catholics’ was to scream and shout at the Catholic priests calling them traitors and, of all things, “Jews”. Odd, to say the least. We have reached an impasse and the only real way to resolve it is for the two main protagonists, President Komorowski and Jarosław Kaczyński, to sit down and reach an adequate compromise. Then again pigs might fly…


10 thoughts on “Poland Has a Cross to Bear

  1. Sorry, Raf, I suspect this may be too extreme an issue on which to ask your comments. However, I would appreciate your view on the extent to which this entire episode has left the entire scout/guide movement looking like some sort of Polish version of Hitler Youth. Tusk recently said that ‘sometimes’ he wishes everyone would be a member, which gives me the chilling feeling that he wants to cultivate a youth organisation with a disproportionate influence on national life.

    1. Steve, I think the scouting movement has come out of this actually looking good. Several representatives of the scouts have already said that they want the cross moved and they feel embarrassed about all the hoo-hah.
      As for Tusk’s comments, I don’t understand your concern. I too think the scouts is a great organisation and it would do a lot of kids a lot of good to be members. What’s wrong with that? How on earth can it be compared to the Hitlerjugend?

  2. I’ve just come back to Poland after spending a month of my extremely generous holiday (or seasonal unemployment if you want to be all negative) in the UK, so I have only just seen all this.

    My first reaction was that an opponent of the PiS/RM faction had taken things too far.

    After reading (very briefly) some reports, it seems that this was not the case.

    Do we know yet why the old man threw the poo? Was he against Kaczynski and the cross, in favour of them, or just plain confused?

    Whichever way you look at this (in my opinion) ridiculously over-blown saga I’m sure that we can all agree that throwing excrement around in public is dirty and just plain wrong.

    PS: I was in the Scouts and all I remember was playing a game called ‘Murderball’ and going on the odd camping trip.

    Maybe I was ill for the ‘let’s put up a religious symbol outside a secular institution thereby becoming embroiled in a messy seperation of Church and State debate involving jars of shit’ meeting.

    Probably for the best…

    1. Yes, pots of poo certainly aren’t the way forward, although I have to admit my first reaction was a little giggle. Let’s just hope this smell blows over and we can get back to decent politics as soon as possible…

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