Has Kaczyński Finally Lost It?

Has Grief Twisted Him?
Has Grief Twisted Him?

After losing his twin brother Lech in the Smolensk air crash, Jarosław Kaczyński appears to be on a political suicide mission. His one goal in life seems to be avenging his brother’s death. Kaczyński’s grief seems to have twisted him to the point of believing that Russia/Prime Donald Tusk/President Bronisław Komorowski (delete where appropriate) are the perpetrators of this heinous alleged crime. One of his closest aides, Antoni Macierewicz, has even openly stated that discovering the culprits of the air crash is now the most important mission for Law and Justice (PiS) and Poland.

The Mask Removed
The Mask Removed

The first cracks began to appear following Kaczyński’s loss in the presidential election to Bronisław Komorowski. Kaczyński’s softly-softly approach was soon substituted by a more hardline and aggressive stance. The ‘mask’ of the presidential campaign had been removed, according to political commentators; the real Kaczyński was back. His first act was to boycott the presidential inauguration claiming Komorowski was only president due to the death of his brother.

Same Old Tactics
Same Old Tactics

Kaczyński has since been adding fuel to the flames of the ‘cross scandal‘ outside the Presidential Palace in Warsaw with his fellow PiS-ites stoking up ill feeling and controversy. It was at this point that it became clear that his only aim was now to cause dissent, manipulate the truth and attempt to blame someone for the death of his brother on the back of pseudo-Catholicism and the worship of the Christian symbol of the cross.

Puppet Master or Master Fool?
Puppet Master or Master Fool?

On seeing this blind fervour and hate growing to monstrous proportions, Solidarity heroine Henryka Krzywonos exploded in a rant against Kaczyński. This was soon followed by Tadeusz Mazowiecki’s and Lech Wałęsa’s criticisms of Kaczyński and then Bishop Pieronek’s open attack on PiS. Seeing the farce that was threatening to ruin PiS, Marek Migalski, a PiS MEP, also dug into Kaczyński, after which he was thrown out of the party. The dust had not even settled and yet another PiS member, Elżbieta Jakubiak, was ostentatiously thrown out of the party.

Oblivious to All Around Him?
Oblivious to All Around Him?

Events in and around PiS circles have escalated to the point that even his own party members have begun to question his political nous. Polls too are showing clearly that Kaczyński has simply lost it. The most recent TNS OBOP survey shows that ruling Civic Platform (PO) would claim 52% of the votes in a parliamentary election, PiS would score 25% (a massive 11% drop since April) and the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) would manage 20%.


13 thoughts on “Has Kaczyński Finally Lost It?

  1. i wonder what has ziobro to say about it. i think that only he is left with big enough political a capital within the party to be able to take on and reason with kaczynski. don’t get me wrong i’m not a pis supporter, i’m just curious where does it go from here and how much of kaczynski’s dubious decisions, insane actions and harsh within-the-party treatment from their totalitarian leading leader the party itself is going to take.

  2. He’s lost it – a shame. He’ll get more paranoid, lose more rational party members, PiS’s poll showings will plummet,PO will end up without a credible opposition.

    I’m sensing the beginnings of one of those regular przetasowania of Polish politics; Palikot will form a economically and socially liberal party; PiS defectors will quit to join forces with PO conservatives like Gowin; Jan Maria Rokita will resurface; the instinctively do-nothing PO will try to fluff it through the next parliamentary elections, but by 2014 the entire scene will look different.

    1. Michael, all things being equal I’d agree with you, but PiS votes will jump back up soon enough, I’m sure. What’s more, Palikot won’t create a party. I think we’ll see a shift to the right by PO with SLD filling the gap.

      1. Hi Raf,
        Nice article. Just wanting to ask you why you’re so convinced that PiS will bounce back from the seemingly terminal decline Kaczynski’s antics have taken them into. Even prior to the death of his brother the party was having some problems in the polls, but with this obsessive need to find someone – preferably a political enemy – to blame for the whole thing, becoming the main idea of his party’s opposition surely the conditions seem to be favouring the kind of przetasowania rearrangement Michael has described.

        P.S. Loving the work with the photo captions in particular.

      2. From experience. There are enough pseudo-Catholics and pseudo-nationalists in Poland to be taken in by Kaczyński’s sing and dance routine.

        Glad you like the captions. 😉

  3. Over the years, Jaroslaw Kaczynski was portrayed as a bit of an enigmatic figure, a master strategist, an excellent politician – that aura of mystery and brilliance surrounded him pretty much all the time.

    But whenever he did make an appearance, he always spoke as if condescendingly. I remember how Tomasz Lis, during his show “Co z tą Polską?”, tried to persuade him to let other guests speak their mind too, but no – Jaroslaw did not even so much as flinch, just kept on prattling in a manner not dissimilar to those folks who call Szkło Kontaktowe or Superstacja and cannot seem to pause even for a second. Because he, Master and Ruler, was speaking to us and we, the little people, should just keep quiet and listen until he exhausts his train of thought.

    Therefore, I am inclined to say that Jaroslaw Kaczynski has lost it a long time ago and yet people keep voting for him. His inability to cool off a little bit will hinder him in his efforts to attain a real majority in Sejm; nonetheless, he does have a huge constituency – the recent election proved this.

    So I guess what I am saying is that Jaroslaw was always like that and until the dam truly breaks, it is hard for me to tell whether he is cracking under the pressure or it is simply politics as usual.

    Also, another vote for the captions, the second and third one in particular.

    1. Thanks for the comments, blattdorf. You’re probably right – he most likely lost it yonks ago. I think what’s happening now is pretty scary as one man’s personal interests have now become the party’s main policy. Once the rest of PiS wise up to this, things could get interesting.

  4. The forthcoming elections will be interesting. I live in Przemyśl, and as Polish cities come you don’t get more churchy and PiS sympathising than Przemyśl! Yet even here PiS lost in the last presidential election. The level of discontent is so high that an unknown vandal sawed a crucifix on a nearby hill in half as statement against the protesters in Warsaw. That he’s managed to anger so many people in one of his political heartlands is testimony to how far removed from the populace the man has become. I doubt he’s even aware of it, he’s been surrounded by yes-men and sycophants since childhood… has he ever had a normal life?

    However, since the presidential elections Jarosław has turned into a serious nutcase. The recent tragedy in Łódź has really strengthened the general consensus that the man is clearly in need of medical attention. I don’t like his political views but I do feel pity for him. To lose a brother in such a way is hard on anyone but to abuse that lose for your own gain must weigh heavily on your soul. The man needs to be retired from public life and sent to a psychiatrist for his own good.

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