Narutowicz Assasinated

President Narutowicz with Józef Piłsudski
President Narutowicz with Józef Piłsudski

Gabriel Narutowicz, Poland’s first President, has been assassinated. The President was visiting the Zachęta art gallery in Warsaw. A few minutes after midday, President Narutowicz (who had only just been sworn in five days previously), arrived at Zachęta and was admiring a painting by Bronisław Kopczyński when the British ambassador William Grenfell Max-Müller together with his wife greeted him warmly. Müller’s wife addressed Narutowicz saying “Permettez-moi Monsieur le Président de Vous fèliciter” (Allow me to congratulate you, Mr President) to which he prophetically replied, “Oh, plutôt faire les condoléances” (Oh, rather offer your condolences). Narutowicz moved on to admire another painting – Teodor Ziomka’s Szron – after which three shots rang out.

Niewiadomski - Face of a Murderer
Niewiadomski - Murderer

The perpetrator of this crime comes as a surprise to everyone. Eligiusz Niewiadomski, the assassin, is a painter, art critic, man of letters, and one of the many heroes who fought for Polish independence after 123 years of foreign domination. In 1918 he was nominated as head of the Art and Sculpture department in the Ministry of  Culture and Art by the regency Council government. He took an active part in the demobilisation of the German forces in Warsaw in early November 1918. Later, he worked for counter-intelligence demanding that the government step up its fight against communism. He was largely ignored in these demands. He is a right-wing nationalist and is a known critic of Józef Piłsudski and the late President. An impassioned anti-German and anti-Russian, he is vehemently in favour of a strong, nationalist Polish state.

Chjena - Attacking Like a Hyena
Chjena - Attacking Like a Hyena

Divisive politics, the struggle between the left- and right-wings, has brought about this terrible moment for Poland. We are all responsible for this mindless act of violence. Things will never be the same again. Who can forget the words of the Christian Union of National Unity – ‘Chjena’ (ChZJN): “This President has been forced upon us and we need to fight him in order to maintain the nationalist nature of Poland”. The National Democracy (ND) declared that “it would not accept any government formed by this President”. Stanisław Stroński wrote in Rzeczpospolita that “this obstacle needs to be removed”. The Office of the President has been splattered with mud. President Narutowicz has been called a Jew, an atheist and a cosmopolitan. Now, however, the Office of the President is not only caked with mud but also soiled with blood.

R.I.P. Gabriel Narutowicz, the first President of the Republic of Poland.
17 March 1865 – 16 December 1922.

12 thoughts on “Narutowicz Assasinated

  1. Interestingly, his brother Stanisław Narutowicz, threw his lot in with Lithuania, and signed the Lithuanian Declaration of Independence on Feb 16 1918. The Polish-Lithuanian conflict between the wars divided many families.

    1. Spot on! Two brothers: Gabriel Narutowicz & Stanislovas Narutavičius. One became the President of Poland, the other a signatory of the Lithuania Act of Independence and member of the provisional Lithuanian parliament. That just shows how intertwined the two countries once were…

  2. The royal danish legation to Warszawa reported to Copenhagen, december 18. 1922

    “…the killer,said that Polands name were disgraced as the president has been elected with jewish votes, and this shame only could be erased by blood …”

    1. I’ve been studying my Polish history, and it seems the Jews arrived in Poland in 1096 (see put in Jews and 1096 and you will see Jan Matejko’s painting.) It then says the Jews got into nobility with credit and $$$, and turned the rest of Poland into slavery, the “only” country of Europe that suffered that. 85 % of World’s Jews called Poland “Home” and “Kingdom of Heaven” living off of White Christian Polish slaves. During World War II most of the Jews were “deported” from Poland and now consist of Israel’s population, and are in the highest positions in USA, media, news, book writing and publishing, agents, banking, credit, finance, wall street, Supreme Court, United Nations heads and members, Jews control 80% of art, all of Hollywood, even the Beatles said to be in the entertainment field was to be part of the Jewish religion, their control and influence was so strong. Jews control the medical field and most doctors are Jewish and non-White. Jews controlled Poland and Germany’s medical fields and probably the reason Hitler lost the war was his Dr. Morrell used to be the doctor of Jewish entertainers and Hitler never went anywhere without this doctor who probably gave all of Germany’s secrets to the Jews in America. Do you know any of this?

  3. Maybe it comes down to the question, Who, what is Polish? Is one Polish because all relatives for centuries were Polish? Is one Polish because you assimilated into Polish culture? Is one Polish simply by living in Poland but not assimilating?
    It all comes down to protection of the dominant culture. For example if only ten per cent of Sub-Saharan’s immigrate into Poland, would Poland still be Poland? Can you imagine 100,000,000 swamping the current Polish population. Poland would soon turn into another Africa with all itz attendant problems.

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