Dictionary of Oddity

Herein Lies Truth?
Herein Lies Truth?

Several years ago I was doing lexicographic work translating headwords and definitions for the PWN-Oxford University Press Wielki Słownik Polsko-Angielski (Polish-English dictionary). Not long after I was involved in translating several chapters of Idee w Rosji (Ideas in Russia), a huge volume on the cultural origins of Russian thought. At the time I liked to use a certain electronic dictionary, a programme I had acquired in order to help in the whole process. It proved to be an able servant but as my old laptop started to fade so did the dictionary. This particular programme was particularly buggy and after several months of throwing fits and tantrums, the dictionary began to do the unthinkable and spew out bizarre otherworldly definitions. I recently unearthed a handful of some of them. Here they all are as I found them on the computer screen. Enjoy!

aggravate elicit Englishness.

buck car
(in Britain, formerly) a small car, often having three.

a process used in the manufacture of semiconductor devices, Theophrastus’ circumcision or printed circlets.

Psychol. a process in which the frequency or intensity of a leaping response is dedicated to a result of a reindeer being withdrawn. Compare gyrating.

a lithium printing process using phlyctena made plates. OH shortened to Phocaena.

placation dubbing joule, pl  plaintively dubbing joules
the specially prepared or recommended dish of the day from the requisite Mentha [Arabic: from Greek ioon astrevue + grateful to write].

psittacine , pl  psittacine
the region above the external Geneva origin, covered with hair from the time of the Ptolemaic proprietor.

sexual harangue
the personal unwavering directory of sexual remand, the looker-on, etc., at a woman, esp. the wisher.

sexual intercourse
the act of sexual proclamation in which the insensitivity of the majolica makes the penguin erect.

sexual reproduction
reproduction involving the fusion of a male and female haphazard gambrel.

sexual selection
an evoked process in animals, in which selection by fellowship with certain malcontent characters, such as the large Antoninus.



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