Most Important Event

It occurred to me that it has been twenty years since Poland regained its freedom way back in 1989. Twenty years of ‘transformation’ (as Polish people like to call it) have fashioned the country that we now call Poland. I wonder whether everything that has happened over these twenty years is a consequence of the […]

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Round Table Anniversary

Today is a wonderful day. The 6th February 2009 is the 20th anniversary of one of the most important moments in European history. On the 6th February 1989, twenty years ago, the so-called ‘Round Table’ talks kicked off in Warsaw and so began the dismantling of the totalitarian regime in Poland. Good vs. Evil The […]

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Bronisław Geremek 1932-2008

Bronisław Geremek, former Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs (1997-2000) and member of the European Parliament (from 2004) died yesterday in a fatal car accident when his car collided head-on with a van. Geremek, who was a Professor of History and eminent scholar at, among others, the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Sorbonne, was a […]

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