Rain Stops Play

Football has moved on in recent years: better-behaved fans, better stadia, even perhaps a better all-round experience. Football is big business. Football is a machine. A well-oiled, money-making global machine. But perhaps not in Poland. The failed first attempt at playing the Poland-England World Cup qualifier is perhaps indicative of what Poland is all about. […]

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Most Important Event

It occurred to me that it has been twenty years since Poland regained its freedom way back in 1989. Twenty years of ‘transformation’ (as Polish people like to call it) have fashioned the country that we now call Poland. I wonder whether everything that has happened over these twenty years is a consequence of the […]

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Silesians Want Autonomy

An interesting thing happened during a recent Ruch Chorzów football match. A section of  fans hung a large flag over the fencing of part of the Chorzów stadium. The flag created such a stir that the Polish Football Association (PZPN) decided to ban this flag from being hung at future Chorzów games. What could possibly […]

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Monkeys, Jews and Poles

What do monkeys, Jews and Poles have in common? Very little actually but go to any Polish football ground and you’ll hear hundreds of hooligans making disgusting monkey gestures at any black players on the pitch and shouting a whole variety of Jewish insults at the players of the opposing team. With the whole of […]

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Time’s Up for Beenhakker

After Poland’s dreadful 3:2 defeat to Northern Ireland at Windsor Park, the clouds are gathering around Poland’s Dutch manager Leo Beenhakker and the future looks dim for the former Feyenoord coach. Polish Roulette It was always going to be a gamble for the Polish Football Association (PZPN) and the appointment of Beenhakker looked to be […]

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Another Kick in the Balls

“We don’t need no recreation, we don’t need no sports control”. This could well be the war-cry of the Polish Football Association (PZPN). Realistically speaking, Poland’s footballing governing body has been on a slow slide ever since the fall of communism in 1989. Jerzy Domański took the helm in 1989, then legendary Poland manager Kazimierz […]

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Bubble Bursts

Played 3, lost 2, drawn 1, scored 1, conceded 4. This Polish team was simply woeful and perhaps the worst team of the tournament. Poland lost 0-1 to Croatia who after qualifying for the next round decided to rest practically their whole team and play a reserve side. However, Croatia’s reserve side outplayed and outclassed […]

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