The Rydzykisation of Poland?

Jan Wróbel in a recent article in Wirtualna Polska talks about the ‘rydzykisation’ (pol. rydzykizacja) of not only Poland but surprisingly also of Civic Platform (PO). He is, of course, referring to Tadeusz Rydzyk the de facto head of catholic Radio Maryja and catholic TV station TV Trwam. He claims that although ‘rydze’ (pol. red […]

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Victims of Their Own Making

For a number of years now there has been a growing trend within right-wing Polish politics which is particularly perplexing. Right-wing politics is often equated with patriotic and nationalist sentiments, glorifying past (and present) achievements as well as demonstrating the greatness of one’s nation. However, attitudes within right-wing (and liberal) circles in Poland seem to […]

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The End is Nigh

It’s been fun watching Poland’s politicians make complete idiots of themselves. This running saga of PiS attacks Self-Defence, Self-Defence counterattacks, PiS strikes LPR and LPR counter-strikes has become ridiculous. The so-called coalition has hit an impasse and it’s difficult seeing a way out for either PiS or it’s baby brother LiS. To be honest, this […]

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Outfoxing Us All

When it comes to political consolidation and party alliances, this has got to be one of the classics. The League of Polish Families (LPR) and Self-Defence (Samoobrona) announced that they will be joining forces to create a super-party, what they call a grand alternative to Law and Justice (PiS). Viable Alternative? What makes the whole […]

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Booking Hell

Roman Giertcyh, Minister of Education has done it again. He’s got himself into yet another pickle thanks to the ridiculousness of his ideas. Well done, Roman! Deputy Roman Giertych is of course Deputy PM and leader of the League of Polish Families (LPR), an extremist catholic party intent on slapping their right-wing ideas on the […]

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Foot in Mouth Disease

I have a theory that the level of a country’s cultural development and civilisation can be gauged by the standard of its public toilets. Obviously, everything is relative but take a look at service station bogs in Sweden, Holland or Germany and take a look at the holes in the ground you find in Northern […]

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Five reasons to worry (Part I)

Should Polish people start panicking? Law and Justice (PiS) together with Samoobrona (Self-Defence) and the League of Polish Families (LPR) created the euphemistically-termed ‘rich and varied’ coalition whose aim it was to re-build Poland, or rather build Poland anew. It seems their plans haven’t quite gone the way they wanted them to go. I’m not one for doom […]

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